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Title: 不同慣用手排球副位攻擊手之攻擊成效分析-以臺灣男子企業十一年排球甲級聯賽為例
A study of attack performance in left hand users and right hand users of opposite in volleyball, case of the 11th Taiwan Volleyball League
Authors: 劉錦璋
Liu, Gin-Chang
Hsu, Mei-Chung
Keywords: 排球
left hand user
right hand user
attack location
attack area
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 摘要 一般來說,左手副位攻擊手在排球在運動項目中都比右手慣用手的運動員具有優勢,左手慣用手的運動員,其運動表現可能比右手慣有手運動員來得好。然而,過去研究較少探討排球運動中,左手慣用手之攻擊手與右手慣用手之攻擊手之運動表現差異性,因此,本研究臺灣企業男子排球男子室內排球項目中,副位攻擊手之左手攻擊手與右手攻擊手為對象,左手共計三名選手,右手共計14名選手,探討排球運動當中,各隊副位攻擊手,不同慣用手攻擊位置分析、各隊副位攻擊手,不同慣用手攻擊落點分析、各隊副位攻擊手,不同慣用手攻擊成效落點分析。 研究結果發現副位攻擊手多在二號位與一號位及四號位發動攻擊,三號五號位及六號位則最少,此與防守位置安排有關;右手與左手副位攻擊手之攻擊落點皆以一號位置與五號位置最多再者二號位,由此可見為了閃避攔網者,副位攻擊手之主要攻擊路線為直線與斜線;右手副位攻擊手之失誤率較左手副位攻擊手高,而左手副位攻擊手之得分率亦較右手副位攻擊手高,建議後續研究可深入探討左手副位攻擊手與右手副位攻擊手成效之差異及比較。 本研究結果希望為後續排球運動相關研究奠定基礎,並在實務上,提供教練、選手等相關實務工作者在訓練及比賽上之參考依據。
Abstract In general, the left hand users in many kinds of sport items have more advantages than the right hand athletes. And the performance of both hand user of athletes is better than one hand users. However, in the past, it is rarely discussed aboutthe differences between left hand attackers and right hand attackers in volleyball related studies. Therefore, this study collected 14 players, 11 right hand users and 3 left hand users to discuss this topic. We found that the all the opposite attackers attack at the number 2, number 1 and number 4 in the court and it is related to their defensive location arrangements. Right hand and left hand opposite attackers attack landing points are on the 1st position and the number of positions is up to number 2, which can be seen in order to dodge block, deputy attack the main attack line for the line and slash. The right hand opposite attacker's error rate is higher than the left hand attackers, while the left hand attacker's score rate is also higher than the right hand attackers are. Practically, the result of this study also provide the practical advices to all the volleyball players and coaches, not only in the defense training but also in the strategic using. It is suggested that follow-up study be in-depth study to compare the performance differences of the left hand attackers and right hand attackers.
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