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Titel: 瞬間變速訓練對棒球選手投球球速與上肢肌力之影響
The Effect of Instantaneous speed Change Training on Baseball Players’Pitching Velocity and Muscle Strength of Upper Limbs
Autoren: 方進隆
Chin-Lung Fang
Sheng-Cheng Lee
Stichwörter: 瞬間變速訓練
Instantaneous Speed Change Training
Ballistic Training
Pitching Velocity
Muscle Strength
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
Zusammenfassung: 目的:本研究目的探討瞬間變速刺激對投球球速的立即效果,以及接受6週瞬間變速訓練後對投球球速與上肢肌力之影響。方法:本研究以30名師大棒球球員為受測對象,分別接受彈震式與瞬間變速訓練各5次以探討立即效果。另徵求16名師大棒球隊選手,隨機分為彈震式訓練組與瞬間變速訓練組,每組各8人接受為期6週,1週3次,1次4組,1組15下訓練動作以探討訓練效果。彈震式訓練用滑輪拉繩式訓練器以最快投球動作拉動10磅重量,瞬間變速訓練除10磅槓片外,下方再安裝2塊釹鐵硼強力磁鐵,當投擲動作力量超越磁鐵吸力後就會產生瞬間速度的改變。立即刺激與6週訓練前後受試者皆接受平均與最快投球速度等變項之測量,所得資料以相依樣本t考驗、獨立樣本t考驗與獨立樣本單因子共變數分析比較刺激與訓練前後與兩組間之差異。結果:瞬間變速之立即刺激動作時瞬間拉力、瞬間加速度、刺激後最快球速與平均球速均顯著上升,且顯著優於彈震式刺激動作(p<.05)。6週瞬間變速訓練後平均球速、最快球速、肩膀等速肌力均顯著上升且均顯著優於彈震式訓練(p<.05),6週彈震式訓練後最快球速顯著上升(p<.05)結論:瞬間變速訓練在立即效果與6週訓練上皆對投球速度有顯著提昇效果,且訓練效果優於彈震式訓練。
Purposes: The purposes of this study were to investigate the acute effects of Instantaneous Speed Change Training (ISCT) on pitching velocity (PV) and the effects of 6-weeks ISCT on PV and muscle strength of upper limbs. Methods: There were 30 university baseball players were recruited as the subjects for this study and received both Ballistic Training (BT) and ISCT 5 time with fastest speed to investigate the immediate training effect. In the 6-week training, 16 university team baseball players were recruited and randomly assigned to BT and ISCT groups and received 3 days per week, 4 sets each day, 15 times each set of training. The BT was conducted by pitching motion loaded weight 10 pound of bar pieces, and the subjects of ISCT pitched over 10 pounds bar pieces attached with two NdFeB magnets for causing instantaneous speed change as the strength of throwing arm exceed over the magnetic resistance. All the subjects were asked to receive the PV and related variable measurements before and after immediate or 6-week training. All the data were analyzed with dependent-t, Independent-t and ANCOVA for comparisons. Results: The average PV, the fastest PV, the instantaneous tension and acceleration of immediate ISCT were significantly improved and higher than that of BT (P<.05). After 6 week of ISCT, average PV, fastest PV, muscle isokinetic strength of shoulder were significantly improved and higher than that of BT (p<.05), while the fastest PV of BT was significantly increased (P<.05). Conclusions: The results indicated that the immediate ISCT and 6-week ISCT have positive effects on PV; the training effects are better than those of the BT.
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