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Title: 兩位男同志運動員的生命故事探究
The investigation in two gay players’ life stories.
Authors: 掌慶維
Chang Ching-Wei
Hung Nien-Tzu
Keywords: 男同志運動員
Gay Player
Orientation identity
Come out
Life story
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究兩位男同志運動員的生命故事,了解其運動歷程與其同志身分,在家庭、求學、情感、工作等四個環境之間相互影響關係,藉由敘說方式理解同志運動員對其生命歷程有新的認識與建構,在許多重要的關鍵時期,擁有不同的見解與觀念再製,並探討同志運動員在各環境間,與他人的互動影響自身認同程度,以及現身與否的抉擇,以求大眾了解一個同志運動員重要的是他的努力的過程與成績,而非私人的情感選擇判定。本研究採以質性研究方法,透過敘說描述、分析而後整理結果如下: (一) 男同志運動員的家庭境遇與教育對人格特質具有關鍵性的影響。 (二) 男同志運動員的自我認同受外在環境及人格特質交互影響。 (三) 男同志運動員現身與否主要來自對外界汙名的感知。 (四) 臺灣運動員培訓環境缺乏人文關懷教育,尚待提昇的空間頗多。 (五) 媒體在性別觀點的傳輸上,對現代社會中極度依賴視聽媒體的群眾,如何看待同志族群形象的良窳具有關鍵性影響。
  This study aims to investigate two gay players’ life stories, understanding about their sporting pursuits and the progression in orientation identity and the relation between their family, school, emotion and work. With narrating the gay plays’ diverse perspectives and fresh thoughts in different stages of their lives, inspecting two gay players’ interactions with others will influence the degrees of their orientation identity and the choices of coming out. It states the importance of gay players’ efforts in the professional field rather than their gender preferences. This research uses qualitative method and its results are concluded as following: (1) Gay players’ family and education have a great influence on their personality traits. (2) Gay players’ orientation identity is influenced by their backgrounds and personality traits. (3) Others’ judgments have great impacts on gay players’ decision of coming out. (4) The lack of humanities education in Taiwan athletes training environment and it has lot of room for improvement. (5) The media has a crucial impact in those who rely heavily on audio-visual media regarding their opinions on the image of gays.
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