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Title: 運動績優保送大學非體育科系女性排球選手學校適應與生涯發展之敘說研究
Narrative Research of Academic Accommodation and Career Development for Female Volleyball Student Athletes During Their College Years
Authors: 林靜萍
Ching-Ping Lin
Yu-Chi Chen
Keywords: 運動績優生
student athletes
academic accommodation
career development
narrative research
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究旨在從就讀大學非體育科系之女性排球運動績優生敘說其求學經驗與生涯發展的生命故事中,去理解其生命主題的發展脈絡;並進一步探索在重新敘說之後,她們對生涯發展的期待與想法。最後則是提出女性排球運動績優生之共同特質,進一步去理解影響其選擇生涯發展的歷程,以提供未來運動績優生做為參考。本研究對象為四位大學就讀非體育科系之女性排球運動績優生及研究者。研究方法係採用敘說研究中「整體-內容」之分析方法。經由資料之分析結果,呈現以下的研究結果與發現:研究參與者皆有學業、專長訓練及人際關係適應等方面的困擾,雖解決困擾的方式、求助的對象各有殊異,然共同的是皆以積極、勇敢的態度面對難題,使其適應大學生活並有良好的發展。回首艱苦的大學生涯,獲得的是滿足與成就。最後,根據本研究結果提供後續研究之建議。
For female volleyball student athletes who major in some subject other than sports in the college, we focus on understanding more about their school lives and career development in this work. By reviewing the contexts extracted from their stories, how they expect for the future is explored in depth. Furthermore, it is believed that the common properties of these female volleyball student athletes are of significant importance for successors of similar background. Specifically, the holistic-content perspective is adopted in conducting narrative research on the five participants included in this study. Empirical studies show that although these participants may have different ways to relieve the difficulties encountered in the academic, training, or social aspects, they are all with great enthusiasm and a positive attitude to face their problems. By reviewing their college lives with many struggles, these student athletes obtain invaluable fulfillment at last.
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