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Title: 問題導向學習對高中學生水上安全救生學習效果之研究
Research on the Influences of Problem-based Learning (PBL) on Senior High School’s Lifesaving Course
Authors: 林靜萍
Lin Ching Ping
Wu Yi Ju
Keywords: 問題導向學習
PBL (problem-based learning)
lifesaving course
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 高中體育課是建立學生正確運動技術與終身運動觀念的最佳時機,問題導向學習強調生活化、主動化,乃是符合教育趨勢之教學策略。 本研究旨在探討問題導向學習與傳統教學對高中學生在水上安全救生認知、情意、技能評量表現上是否有差異。本研究採準實驗研究法,以臺北市某公立高中74名學生為研究對象,分為問題導向學習教學組及傳統教學教學組,經過12節水上安全救生課程的實驗教學後,以前後測成績做為學習效果之比較資料,經獨立樣本與相依樣本t考驗之統計分析後,得到的結論為:1.問題導向學習及傳統教學能有效提升高中學生認知、情意、技能學習效果,且問題導向學習在認知、情意學習效果表現優於與傳統教學;2.問題導向學習在狀況處理的技能表現優於傳統教學;傳統教學在動作技術的技能表現優於問題導向學習;3.不同性別在問題導向學習與傳統教學學習效果沒有影響;研究建議方面,本研究提出以下建議:1.納入狀況處理的技能學習並善用PBL的情意成就學習;2.組成教師設計團隊與建立問題導向學習教材資料庫;3.針對問題導向學習進行研究後續之追蹤。
PE class in high school is the most suitable time to build up students’ correct skills in athletics and concept of lifelong exercise. Hence, PBL emphasizing on real life experience and active learning, can answer to the latest education trend. This research aimed to compare the differences of students’ performance, including cognition, emotion and skill, between the PBL and traditional teaching. This research adopted quasi-experiment method, taking 74 students from a municipal senior high school as research subjects. These 74 students were divided into two groups, one group received PBL and another traditional teaching. After 12 experimental lessons of lifesaving courses, students’ grades in pre-test and post-test as learning achievement were and analyzed statistically with t-test. The results were as follows: 1. PBL and Traditional teaching method could effectively promote students’ cognitional, emotional, and skilled learning performance. 2. Students receiving PBL do better than those receiving traditional teaching on cognitive and emotional test. 3. Genders did not cause differences in learning performance between PBL and traditional teaching. These suggestions were made to three: 1. Show teaching plan should include learning of skill in PBL. 2. Adopt different teaching methods to eliminate students’ low achievements in emotion. 3. Data bank of teaching materials should be built up in PBL.
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