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Title: 中等學校健康與體育領域實習教師教學信念之研究
Research on Practice Teachers’ Teaching Beliefs for High School Health& P.E
Authors: 林靜萍
Lin Ching-Ping
Wang Kai-Ping
Keywords: 健康與體育領域
Health and Physical Education
practice teacher
teaching beliefs
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討中等學校健體領域實習教師教學信念及影響教學信念之因素。研究以問卷調查法為主,質性訪談為輔,針對國立臺灣、彰化、高雄師範大學九十四學年度之健體領域實習教師進行普查,共獲得有效樣本146位,以自編之「中等學校健康與體育實習教師教學信念研究問卷」進行量化資料搜集,並採描述統計、t考驗與單因子變異數分析等統計方法加以分析。並針對量化結果以立意取樣方式挑選兩位實習教師進行質性訪談,本研究主要發現: 一、健體領域實習教師之整體教學信念趨向進步取向。 二、實習教師在「學習評量」與「教學目標」兩個層面有較佳的教學信念,但在「課室管理」層面的教學信念相對較低。 三、不同性別之實習教師教學信念有顯著差異,女性實習教師之教學信念比男性更趨向進步取向,可能是受女生較認真的特質所影響。 四、修習教育學程時就讀不同系所之實習教師教學信念有顯著差異,健康相關系所之實習教師教學信念比運動競技系所更趨向進步取向。 五、不同最高學歷之實習教師教學信念未達顯著差異。 六、修習教育學程就讀學校之實習教師教學信念未達顯著差異,可能是學校風格相近,故學生的教學信念無太大差異。 七、不同實習學校所在區域、實習學校規模或是否擔任運動代表隊(助理)教練之實習教師教學信念皆未達顯著差異,可能是實習時間不長,影響有限。 八、個人特質、實習學校輔導教師、學生時期的老師、個人經驗、實習期間的教學經驗與學生反應是影響實習教師教學信念的主要因素。 關鍵字:健康與體育領域、實習教師、教學信念
The purpose of the research was to explore and discuss the practice teachers’ teaching beliefs and their influential factors on high school health& P.E field. It’s primarily based on questionnaire survey and assisted by qualitative interview; among the 146 effective samples, which census was taken on the practice teachers of health and P.E. field at National Taiwan, Chung-hwa and Kaohsiung Normal University, and based on “practice teachers’ teaching beliefs research questionnaire on Health & P.E. field” to undertake collecting quantitative data and analyze by descriptive statistics, t-test and one-way ANOVA. Furthermore, qualitative interviews had also been done with four (4) practice teachers chosen by purposeful sampling method on the quantitative outcome. The prime findings of the research are as follows: 1. The practice teachers’ integral teaching beliefs were more inclined to progression. 2. The practice teachers owned better teaching beliefs on the category of “Learning Evaluation” and “ Teaching Objectives”; however, theirs are relatively low on the category of “ Classroom Management”. 3. There was significant difference between man and female practice teachers. Females’ are more inclined to progression than men’s, which could be traced to the hard-working characteristics of females’. 4. The significant difference aroused among practice teachers, who studied in various departments where they were completing educational credits. Those majored in Health related departments are more inclined to progression than those majored in Sports Contests departments. 5. There was not significant variance found for different highest academic background. 6. The teaching beliefs among the practice teachers, who studied educational courses at different normal universities, showed no significant variance; maybe it was because of close universities style. 7. It didn’t reach significant variance from practice teachers who were at different practice schools in different areas; no matter their practice schools were big or small; and no matter if he or she took the job of assistant-coach to the school sports team, their teaching beliefs hadn’t reached the significant variance, maybe the time of practicing hadn’t been long enough and its impact was limited. 8. The key elements to affect practice teachers’ teaching beliefs are summarized as listed: - personal characteristic - tutor at the practice school - own teachers - personal experience - teaching experience obtained at the practice school - students’ reaction key words: Health and Physical Education, practice teacher, teaching beliefs
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