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Title: 國中生在理解式桌球學習經驗之探討
Exploring Junior High School Students' Table Tennis Learning Experience through Teaching Games for Understanding Model
Authors: 掌慶維
Chang, Ching-wei
Chen, Shih-Yu
Keywords: 理解式教學
game play
student experience
problem solving
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國中生在理解式桌球學習經驗,從學生對經驗的主觀與詮釋,反應在課程實施的情形。研究參與者為新北市某國中七年級一個班級的學生,實施8節課,每節45分鐘 (共360分鐘)。在資料蒐集和資料分析上,以錄影紀錄班級學生的學習過程,蒐集學習單並與學生進行訪談,將訪談與學習單內容進行分析。研究結果顯示,學生經驗內容包含場地空間的改變、球體的改變,力道(量)的改變、落點、旋轉、力量、專注、技術學習層面、正手發球、反手、正手、團體合作、認真對待、訓練反應、力道以及最佳擊球位置。結論為遊戲比賽受到情境變化下的影響,會因情境的變化而進行思考,在比賽中獲得勝利是因思考戰術策略,而在比賽情境中,因時間節數較為不足,影響技能方面的練習與執行部分,學生在技能的經驗較少,學生對於學習經驗多以正向、有趣。
This study aimed to explore the junior high school students’ table tennis learning experience through Teaching Games for Understanding model, from the students’ subjective interpretation toward experience to reflect instruction model implementation. Participants were a class of 7th grade students from a junior high school in New Taipei City, implementing 8 lessons, 45 minutes per session (totally 360 minutes). On data collection and data analysis, students’ learning process were collected with video recording, worksheet and student interview, and then analyzed by qualitative method. The results showed that students’ experience included space change, sphere change, force change (quantity), the placement, rotation, strength, concentration, skill learning level, forehand serve, backhand, forehand, group cooperation, serious treatment, training reaction, force and the best batting position. Conclusions were that game play was changed by different context, and students would think according to different situations and win the games through thinking tactics and strategies; lacking time and periods influenced skill practice and implementation during game play context; students experienced fewer skills; learning experience for the students mostly positive and interesting.
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