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Title: 臺灣體育郵票之歷史圖像研究(1960-2012)
The historical image of Taiwan Sports Postage Stamps (1960-2012)
Authors: 林玫君
Lin, Mei-Chun
Lee, Feng-Ran
Keywords: 運動
sports development
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 郵票為國家發行的有價票券,在圖像的呈現上主要以代表一個國家的歷史人文、風土民情為主,具有宣傳國家之用,顯示出各國的國情,因此郵票素有「國家的名片」與「小型百科全書」之稱。為了瞭解臺灣體育郵票的發展,本研究主要針對臺灣體育郵票的發行緣由、目的與意涵進行探討。研究結果如下:(一)臺灣為慶賀楊傳廣於羅馬奧運勇奪十項全能銀牌以及紀念舉辦第15屆全省運動會,自1960年開始發行第一套體育郵票,至2012年共發行47套、133枚,其中包含各種運動項目,筆者針對其發行目的與性質,分為競技運動與全民運動兩大類,並又細分為奧運、棒球、運動賽事、全民體育、民俗活動與戶外休閒活動等六小項。(二)從體育郵票的發行類別中,主要以紀念郵票及特種郵票為主,顯示出發行目的為紀念臺灣體育重要大事與宣傳各項政府政策,藉此來宣揚政府對於體育政策的重視與闡揚政策推動下的體育成就。(三)從體育郵票的圖像中,其背後蘊含著臺灣維護奧委會會籍的過程、爭取舉辦國際賽事以增加能見度、政府倡導全民體育的重要、發展在地化特色與休閒運動等意涵。
Stamps is symbolic token issued by a nation, the image largely presenting history culture,ethnoicity features, which serves as a miniature kaleidoscope of a nation.. Thus, the stamps has been nicknamed as “the name card of the country” and “mini encyclopedia”. In order to understand the development of Taiwan sports postage stamps, this paper focuses on the cause, goal of issuance, and implied socio-political significance of Taiwan sports postage stamps. The results of this study can be concluded as follows. (a) Taiwan issued the first set of the sports postage stamps since 1960. From 1960 to 2012, Taiwan had issued 133 stamps in total, including a variety of sport themes: Olympic games, baseball, sportive games, local sports, sports for all and recreational sports, as the research categorized. (b) To separate the theme of sports stamps from socio-political perspective, it can be separated into commemorative and special stamps, whereas the former genre serves the goal of commemoration of important sports events and promotes R.O.C’s government political objectives, publicizing the government’s value, sports development and sports achievements (c) Protecting the IOC membership, striving to maintain participation in international games, R.O.C’s government attemps to promote sports policy,local sports and recreational sports as we can discovered from stamp image design.
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