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Title: 中學射箭選手成績之心理變因:特質性焦慮與狀態性焦慮
Variables in high school archer performances:
Authors: 楊梓楣
Zi-Mei Yang
Keywords: 焦慮
trait anxiety
state anxiety
sport performance
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 焦慮是誘發個體覺醒升高的心理來源因素之一,如果沒有焦慮激發適度覺醒之狀態下,可能造成運動成績表現不如預期之結果,而特質性焦慮是個人人格因素之一,其高低也會影響個體對於外在環境與社會評價威脅程度的感受,同時誘發同水準的狀態性焦慮。一般認為,特質性焦慮高的人比較容易反應出狀態性焦慮的症狀,因為他們能接收較多範圍的刺激,且在認知中容易將刺激視為一種威脅。本研究的目的就聚焦在:探討特質性焦慮、狀態性焦慮與運動表現之關係。研究方法採用文獻分析與問卷調查法蒐集資料,以特質焦慮量表與狀態焦慮量表作為研究工具,以2013年全國青年盃射箭錦標賽之國、高中選手為研究參與者,共發下400份問卷,經問卷回收後剔除無效問卷42份,有效問卷為358份,回收率為89%。首先進行資料整理後,再以套裝軟體SPSS 20.0中文版執行Pearson積差相關、t-test統計分析與階層迴歸分析,探討兩份量表的分數之間的相關性與對運動表現的預測情形。研究結果如下:(一)、中學射箭選手的狀態焦慮與特質焦慮間具有顯著相關性。(二)、國中射箭選手在狀態焦慮與特質焦慮的表現上比高中射箭選手來的明顯。(三)、簡單迴歸分析結果,國中射箭選手的特質焦慮、狀態焦慮可以有效預測射箭分數。(四)、簡單迴歸分析結果,高中射箭選手的特質焦慮、狀態焦慮無法有效預測射箭分數。(五)、階層迴歸分析結果,國、高中射箭選手特質焦慮、賽前狀態焦慮無法有效預測射箭分數。
Anxiety is one of the factors that could induce individuals’ arousal level. Without proper anxiety, the performances in sports may not be expected. Trait anxiety on the other hand is one kind of personalities. The level of trait anxiety could affect one’s perception of the threat of the environment as well as social appraisal. It also can induce the some level of state anxiety. It is commonly agreed that people with a higher level of trait anxiety may more easily show symptoms of state anxiety. This study aims to discover the relationship among trait anxiety, state anxiety, and sport performance. The method included literature analysis and the questionnaire survey, of State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. The study conducted 400 questionnaires on the participants of 2013 National Archery Youth Cup in junior high and senior high levels. Valid questionnaires are 358 and 42 invalid questionnaires. The effective response rate is 89%. The data were analyzed by Pearson’s product-moment correlation, and linear regression analysis, and Hierarchical regression to discuss the relationship between the scores in two questionnaires and their prediction on sport performances. The result shows: 1.There is significant correlation between trait anxiety inventory and state anxiety inventory. 2. Junior archers showed higher state anxiety and trait anxiety than senior ones. 3. The trait anxiety, state anxiety can effectively predict archery scores in junior archers. 4. The trait anxiety and state anxiety cannot effectively predict archery scores in senior archers. 5. Hierarchical regression analysis showed that high school students’ trait anxiety and state anxiety cannot effectively predict archery scores.
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