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Title: 合作學習應用於體育教學之行動研究
The Action Research of Using Cooperative Learning in Physical Education
Authors: 掌慶維
Chang, Ching-Wei
LIN, Shih-Chieh
Keywords: 小組合作
Team work
Heterogeneous group
Teacher’s reflecion
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討,合作學習應用於體育教學中,教師可能會面臨學生學習的問題與解決問題的策略及省思。研究參與者為研究者所任教2年之班級,男生10人、女生13人。本研究利用實施時研究參與者所填寫之學習單、開放式問卷、上課錄影觀察、晤談等資料來瞭解其學習歷程之改變;研究者亦利用教師教學省思札記來發現教學問題及省思教學之缺失。 本研究採用行動研究法實施9週之課程,由資料的蒐集、分析與歸納發現合作學習對學生體育課之學習有諸多正面影響,對運動技能、認知思考、人際關係及班級氣氛都有幫助;研究者也可以藉由觀察學生的學習反應與學習問題,發現自己教學之缺失,進而修正教學策略並檢視解決教學問題之成效,提升教學之品質。研究結果如下:1.學生學習方面對小組討論、小組成績計算及分組方式會有反對意見,但透過教學策略修正後能有改善;學生在學習方面能獲得成長,特別是原本學習能力與學習動力較低的學生更有正面影響。2.教師在實施合作學習之行動研究可強化教學自省與問題解決之能力,在教學單元原設計能因應學生之學習反應提出修正策略。3.教師省思藉由行動研究發現問題、提出策略、解決問題、檢視成果的歷程,可以讓教師檢視合作學習教學設計之適切性,並自我省思與成長。最後依據研究結果提出在國中實施體育課合作學習之建議,以供未來教學應用與後續研究者參考。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the possible challenges that teachers may face, the problem–solving strategies for those challenges, and the self-reflection for the teachers when applying the cooperative learning strategies in physical education. There are 23 research participants (10 males and 13 females) in this study who are in the same class and have been taught by the researcher for two years. In this study, the researcher analyzes the results of the participants’ learning worksheets, questionnaires, in-class video filming and interview records to explore the improvements in participants’ learning processes. Also, the researcher uses teacher’s journals to self-reflect and discover flaws and problems in his teaching strategies. This action research lasted for nine weeks and the research data are collected from students’ worksheets, questionnaires, interviews and teacher’s journals. The results show that cooperative learning has many positive effects on Physical Education. For example, cooperative learning not only helps students learn how to cooperate with others, share their opinions and accept different perspectives, but also enhances students’ learning motivation. On the other hand, it enables the teacher to advance professional teaching knowledge by observing students’ feedback and learning difficulties and subsequently improving his/her teaching skills and strategies. The study indicates that students show disagreement on group discussions and grading policies, but this problem can be improved by modifying teaching strategies. In addition, the study shows that teachers can strengthen their abilities in self-reflection and teaching and students can learn better as well. Last, the researcher has also made great improvements in teaching by using action research to point out problems, propose hypotheses, solve problems and observe the results.
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