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Title: 個人與社會責任模式應用於國中體育課之行動研究
An Action Research of Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility-based Physical Education in Junior High School
Authors: 掌慶維
Chang, Ching-Wei
Lin, Yi-Ru
Keywords: 行動研究
action research
physical education
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 研究者自擔任體育教師以來,感受到學生在體育課中的道德素養越來越薄弱,尤其在教學中屢見學生越來越沒有責任感,常遇到問題即責怪他人或是表現出自私行為等。本研究以行動研究的方式,透過個人與社會責任 (teaching personal and social responsibility, TPSR) 進行體育教學,探討TPSR行動方案的歷程,過程中遭遇的困難與因應策略,從中進行教學反思,以促進專業成長。研究參與者為新北市某國中八年級學生29名,設計22節的教學單元,透過錄影觀察、教師日誌、訪談、學習單等資料蒐集與分析。研究結果發現:在一般的體育課實施TPSR責任模式是可行的方式,尤其以體育教師兼任導師的身分來進行教學活動,可增加教學的實施可行性,教師與學生都正向的接受此課程。過程中遭遇困境與因應策略為:1.責任概念的認知:體驗學習的方式,讓學生親身體驗才能真正感受;2.小組討論的品質不佳:藉由小組討論單縮小討論範圍、課餘時間進行事前活動檢核;3.目標設定的困難:教師製造公平正義的氛圍、修改活動規則;4.賦權方面的阻礙:藉由教師的活動檢核來解決。上述策略使困境獲得改善,TPSR對國中生有正向的影響,研究者從中也獲得專業成長。
As a physical education teacher, students’ morality deteriorating, misbehaviors, and selfishness were observed in physical education classes. Through action research, teaching personal and social responsibility-based (TPSR) physical education was implemented to improve students’ self-efficacy through physical education class. The purpose was to identify teaching characteristics while implementing the TPSR in physical education course. Participants were a class of students in eighth grade in New Taipei City, totally 22 lessons (990 minutes). Video observation, teacher’s journal diary, interviews, and worksheets were collected during the study. Triangulation was used for analyzing the collected data. Results showed that it was suitable to implementing TPRS-based PE course, while PE teachers also homeroom teachers, who were also in charge of the class. Students receipted positively the TPRS-based PE course. The problems and the solutions found in the process were included 1) experiential learning was a better way to make understand the meaning of the conceptions of responsibility; 2) the quality of group discussion did not work really well, thus worksheet could be applied during lessons; 3) the atmosphere of fairness and justice and the modification of the activity rules could be created to overcome the difficulties of goal setting; 4) the solution had be done through the empowerment. TPSR not only had positive influence on junior high school students, but also facilitated the professional growth of the teacher.
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