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dc.contributor卓俊辰 zh_TW
dc.contributorJwo, Jiunn- Chernen_US
dc.contributor.authorJhou, Hai-Anen_US
dc.description.abstract  本研究旨在瞭解研究者服務之國民中學學生之體適能現況,並調查學生在日常生活中之動靜態生活情形,用以探討學生的身體活動狀況和體適能表現,以期做為本校日後推動身體活動的基礎,並據以擬訂相關目標、策略與行動方案。其主要研究對象以新竹市立光華國中在學之七、八、九年級學生為研究對象,以100學年度第一學期三次段考成績,各年級(國文、數學)各科總成績前10%身體健康學生與全校各年級學科(國文、數學)各科總成績後10%身體健康之學生,分別為國文科高成就組、國文科低成就組;數學科高成就組、數學科低成就組學生為樣本進行分析比較,並以採用國際身體活動量表中的自填短版問卷及體適能檢測結果為研究範圍。其所得結論如下: 一、國、數學科成績高成就學生的體適能表現皆優於國、數學科成績低成就學生。 二、國、數學科成績高成就學生的身體活動量表現皆優於國、數學科成績低成就學生。 三、國文程度中,高活動量表現優於不足活動量及足夠活動量,而數學程度也是高活動   量表現優於不足活動量及足夠活動量。根據以上研究結果,殷切期盼政府行政相關單位,將體適能及身體活動量列為國人健康指標的首要目標,而教育行政單位,應落實朝向我國兒童青少年的體適能表現及身體活動量指引目標方向前進。讓孩子贏在體育課,期盼各級學校校長能推動「零時體育計畫」,展現出改革的魄力,落實零時體育的計畫和目標,相信在不久將來,勢必會在學校校園裡,注入一股新的運動風潮。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe research aims to investigate fitness and physical activity(dynamic/stative) in daily living conditions so as to explore relationships between fitness and physical activity,at the same time ,school can utilize the analysis to formulate strategies ,aims and action proposals ,which could form the basis of promoting physical activity in the school.The subjects included 7,8,9 graders ,streamed into four groups—high-level Chinese ,low-level Chinese ,high-level Math ,low-level Math. The criteria are able students with top 10% scores(Chinese plus Math) and bottom10% scores (Chinese plus Math) in the third monthly examination ,first semester ,2011.The data includes questionnaires(international physical activity self-report shorter edition),fitness tests, and comparisons among groups. The results are as follows: 1.students of high scores in Chinese and Math have better fitness than students of low scores in Chinese and math, 2.students of high scores in Chinese and Math do more physical activity than students of low scores in Chinese and math, Chinese groups ,students with the highest physical activity amount have better scores than students with low, or sufficient physical activity amount and in math groups, students with the highest physical activity amount have better scores than students with low, or sufficient physical activity amount. According to results, I hope the government can prioritize fitness and physical activity amount on the list of national health indices.Education administration should implement PE towards fitness and physica l activity.let children win in PE class and let schools support Zero Hour PE Plan so that schools can bring out a new wave of sports.en_US
dc.subjectphysical activity amounten_US
dc.subjectacademic achievementen_US
dc.subjectShort self-administered formaten_US
dc.titleThe relationships of academic achievement,physical activityen_US
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