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Title: 走過青春叛逆的少年兄--運動對品格行為轉變之生命敘說
Pass by the youth life of the rebellious juveniles– Narrating how the sport changes to the character behavior
Authors: 程瑞福
Chen Jui-Fu
HUNG Hsiu-Hui
Keywords: 運動
character education
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究乃探討個案在運動和品格實踐的相關行為,經由敘說的過程,回溯研究參與者年少青春的歷程,面臨成長階段,如何克服身體與心理的轉變,且面對學業壓力、運動技能的學習,以及同儕人際的處理,是如何透過運動調整個人品格行為。由於研究對象為立意取樣,故研究方法為質性半結構式訪談法來蒐集研究參與者相關資料。據上述方法,研究結果如下: 一、家庭環境對個人品格行為具潛移默化影響:品格取決於父母的教養態度,若家庭結構不夠健全,教養態度不一致,沒有共同生活經驗,孩子往往失去學習模仿的機會,可見家庭教育潛移默化的重要性,對一個人的品格影響是如此深遠。 二、運動教練是改變選手品格行為因子:運動團隊強調公平競爭,友善關懷、誠實勇敢的運動精神,透過運動教練的引導,從運動競賽經驗中,學習冒險、積極進取、爭取榮譽,藉由做中學反覆練習運動技巧,學習更重要是行動與思考,內化自我負責的態度。 三、運動對青少年品格養成具有影響:運動團隊的情境學習,隊友的良性競爭,重建或強化自我尊重與尊重他人,勇敢面對自己與對手的能力,主動克服任何困難與挑戰,學習接納失敗與挫折,運動訓練背後所蘊含的意義,是讓參與者培養思考、負責的能力與堅持到底的毅力。 四、環境是品格行為最大的影響者:孟母三遷的故事,說明環境的影響,在沒有覺察警醒,就容易隨波逐流,而運動是一個媒介因子用來塑造公平競爭的場域,適時介入的重要他人,即是對一個人品格行為改變的最大關鍵。
This research is to probe into relevant behaviors that the case is practiced in sport and character. By the way of narrating, track back and study participants’ young and youthful course. When facing stage of growing up, how they overcome the transition of body and psychology; when facing study pressure, study of sport skill and the interpersonal treatment of the same generation, how they adjust the personal character behavior through the sport. Because research object, for make up one's mind, take a sample, so research approach half structural formula interview law come, collect, study participant relevant materials for quality. According to method described above, the result of study is as follows: 1. Home environment imperceptibly influence the personal character behavior: Character depends on parents' breeding attitude. If family's structure is not sound enough, it is inconsistent to bring up the attitude. Without common experience of life, the child often loses the chance to learn to imitate. So it is obvious the importance with imperceptibe home education, the character influence on a person is so far-reaching. 2. The sport coach changes the behavioral factor of player's character: The movement group emphasizes fair play, friendly care, honest and brave sportsmanship. Through the guide of the sport coach and the contest experience of the movement, the player can study and take risks, keep forging ahead actively, strive for the honor, practice the athletic repeatedly by running the middle school, study and take action and think deeply more importantly, self- responsible attitude inside. 3. Sport is influential to form teenagers' character: The situation of the sport group is studied, the teammate's benign competition, rebuild or strengthen oneself and respect and respect others, bravery faces the ability of oneself and rival, overcome any difficulty and challenge voluntarily, study and admit failing and setback, sports train the meaning that the back contains, it is the willpower of letting participants cultivate the ability to think, responsible and persist. 4. The environment is the greatest influence for thecharacter behavior: It is known by everybody that the mother Meng moves three time, explaining the environmental impact on a person. The behavior made naturally in having consciousness, if without alarm aware, can receive heavy influence. But sport is only one media factor to build fair field land the first day of the lunar month, a dependable one important he get involved and pay love and care in right time, that is the key to change more to one’s character.
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