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Title: 不同體型高中男學生身體活動量與身體意象之比較研究
The Comparisons of Physical Activity and Body Image Between the Different Body Types of Senior High School Male Students
Authors: 方進隆
Chin-Lung Fang
Wei-Shiang Hsu
Keywords: 身體活動量
Physical activity
Body image
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract:   本研究目的在比較不同體型之高中男學生身體活動量與身體意象的差異,並探討身體活動量與身體意象之相關性。本研究甄選30位體重過重(身體質量指數[BMI]≧24) 及30位非體重過重(BMI<24) 學生,共60位高中男生(年齡16.6±0.9歲)為研究對象。受試者分別填寫「身體意象量表」,測量身高體重並配戴「三軸向身體活動量測量器 (RT3)」,記錄兩日在校時間身體活動量(其中一日包含一節體育課)。所收集資料以獨立樣本t考驗和皮爾遜積差相關比較分析。研究結果:1.非過重組學生在校期間身體活動量(19.5kcal/kg/8hr)顯著高於過重組(11.8kcal/kg/8hr)(p< .05)。2.體育課時間之身體活動量非過重組(6.8 kcal/kg/50 min)顯著高於過重組(3.5 kcal/kg/50 min) (p< .05)。3.過重組在外表評價及身體部位滿意度均顯著低於非過重組(p< .05),外表取向則無顯著差異。4.身體活動量與身體意象各向度呈顯著正相關(p< .05)。結論:非過重高中男生在校期間及體育課身體活動量和身體意象皆高於過重學生。
  The purposes of this study were to compare the difference in physical activity (PA) and body image (PI) between overweight and non-overweight senior high school male students. There were 30 overweight students with Body Mass Index (BMI) ≧24 and 30 non-overweight students (BMI<24) were recruited as the subjects, with average age of 16.6±0.9 years and the average weight of 72.6±12.1 kilograms. The subjects were asked to wear the RT3 TRI-AXIAL accelerometer (RT3) to measure PA during two 8-hours school days, including one physical education (PE) day, and to fill out the body image questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed with independent t-test and Pearson Product-moment correlation, and the results were as followed. 1. The PA of 8-hours school day of non-overweight students (19.5kcal/kg/8hr) was significantly higher than that of overweight students (11.8kcal/kg/8hr)(p< .05). 2. The PA of PE classes of non-overweight students (6.8 kcal/kg/50 min) was significantly higher than that of overweight students (3.5 kcal/kg/50 min) (p< .05). 3. The physical appearance evaluation and body parts satisfaction of overweight students were significantly lower than that of non-overweight students. 4. There was a significant positive correlation between PA and 3dimention of body image of the students (p< .05). The non-overweight students have higher PA during school day andPE classes, and have better body image than overweight students
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