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Title: 傳統舞龍與競技舞龍之探索
Authors: 徐元民
Keywords: 傳統舞龍
Culture dragon dance
Competitive dragon dance
Physical education
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 傳統舞龍與競技舞龍之探索 中華民國九十六年一月 研 究 生:陳明信 指導教授:徐元民 協同指導:麥秀英 摘要 本研究目的在探討傳統舞龍與競技舞龍之特質及其文化內涵,採用歷史研究法與人類學的田野調查進行研究,首先探尋傳統舞龍的特色與類型,其次探討競技舞龍的形成與技法,接著探究傳統舞龍與競技舞龍之文化內涵,分別從教育價值、宗教信仰、經濟與觀光、政治與族群、社區認同、性別意識、錦標主義等七個層面進行探索。本研 究獲致結論如下: 一、傳統舞龍是民間的傳統文化,由龍圖騰衍生出舞龍活動,更隨著文明的演進,結合民間生活禮俗、歲時節慶,融合傳統與創新的龍舞藝術,展現出豐富多元的舞龍樣態。 二、競技舞龍源於傳統舞龍,從民俗運動的產物經有心人的改變,變成符合現代競技運動模式下進行比賽,深受大眾喜愛。 三、探索傳統舞龍與競技舞龍的文化內涵看似對立的詞句,各有其文化內涵,如有團隊精神、競技化、族群的包容…等等,但實際上還是有相同點如身體的活動、信仰的傳承、藝術表演…等等,這些相同點代表舞龍活動延續的優良薪傳與價值觀,值得推廣。 關鍵詞:傳統舞龍、競技舞龍、體育、運動
The Cultural Exploration of the Traditional Dragon Dance and Competitive Dragon Dance Abstract The purpose of this study is to explore the characteristics and cultural meaning of traditional and competitive dragon dance. Adopting historical-study methods and field-study methods of anthropology, I first try to search of characteristics and types of traditional dragon dance, then to explore the formation and techniques of competitive dragon dance, and finally to analyze the cultural meanings of traditional and competitive dragon dance from the following seven aspects: educational value, religious belief, economy and sightseeing, politics and racial groups, community identification, sexual consciousness, and cups and medals mania. Following are the conclusions reached: 1.Traditional Dragon Dance is a port of folk culture, which derived from a dragon totem. As our civilization progressed, it gradually got combined with some folk etiquettes and festivals. With the blending of the old and the new, Dragon Dance is now showing great diversities. 2.Competitive Dragon Dance originally come from traditional dragon dance. It’s a folk activity adjusted by people at will to meet contemporary competition pattern, and thus has gained great popularity. 3.Traditional and competitive Dragon Dance has each its distinctive characters. Judging from any of the seven aspects mentioned earlier, they both have their positive values. They carry our traditions and values, which makes them something worthy of promotion. Key words:Culture dragon dance. Competitive dragon dance. Physical education. Sports
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