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Title: 烏來溫泉遊客遊憩動機與滿意度研究
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Chuang, Yung-Lung
Keywords: 溫泉遊客
hot spring tourists
recreational motivation
recreational satisfaction
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究為了瞭解烏來溫泉遊客人口背景、遊憩動機與滿意度的現況,並比較不同人口背景項下的遊客在遊憩動機與滿意度上的差異,透過自編問卷,採立意抽樣方式進行調查,總計得到564份有效問卷。研究結果發現: 一、遊客以女性遊客占多數,年齡多在「18-30歲」之間,從事「服務業」的遊客最多,教育程度以「高中(職)」者最多,「未婚」遊客比例最高,個人每月收入則以「20001-40000元」最普遍,住在「臺北縣」的遊客人數最多,「重遊」者居多,多半與「家庭成員」一起泡湯,消費金額則多半在「501-1000元」之間。 二、遊客的遊憩動機排名前五項為:「獲得休息或放鬆的感覺」、「獲得休閒生活的樂趣」、「減輕現實環境所帶來的壓力」、「促進個人身心健康」、「體驗不同溫泉區的泡湯樂趣」。 三、遊客的遊憩滿意度排名前五項為:「紓解壓力的感覺」、「溫泉的水質」、「遠離塵囂的感覺」、「服務人員的服務態度」、「自然景色的吸引力」。 四、不同「年齡」、「教育程度」、「居住地區」、「初遊或重遊」、「同伴關係」及「消費費用」的遊客在遊憩動機上達顯著差異。 五、不同「年齡」、「職業」、「教育程度」、「婚姻狀態」、「每月收入」、「居住地區」、「初遊或重遊」、「同伴關係」及「消費費用」的遊客在遊憩滿意度上達顯著差異。 六、遊客遊憩動機與滿意度之間具高度相關的關係。 關鍵詞:溫泉遊客、遊憩動機、遊憩滿意度
A Study on Wulai Area Hot Spring Tourist Recreational Motivation and Satisfaction Levels Abstract Chuang, Yung-Lung Advisor: Dr. Cheng, Shao-Tung This thesis is a study of the correlation between tourists’ backgrounds, recreational motivation and satisfaction, it also investigates the degree of satisfaction of different tourists’ backgrounds in the Wulai area. After compiling the data by purposive sampling method, I obtained 564 effective questionnaires in total. The results of this study are as follows: 1.There are more female tourists than male and their ages are mostly in the 18-30 years old group. Most of the tourists’ occupation are in the service industry and their education level is high school. Unmarried people make up the largest percentage and most tourists live in Taipei. There are many returning tourists and most tourist’s income are in the set of 20,001NT-40,000NT per month. Tourists are willing to spend 501NT-1000NT for every visit. 2.The top five reasons for using hot springs are: (1) rest and relaxaction, (2) outdoor activity fun, (3) stress relief from working, (4) improve health condition, (5)experience different hot-spring activities. 3.The most satisfaction of hot spring use came from: (1)the feeling of stress release, (2) water quality of Wuali hot-spring, (3)away from city life, (4) the attitude of the attendant. (5) natural beauty. 4.There is a significant correlation between the recreation motivation of the tourist and age, education level, home location, first visit or re-visit, relationship of the group members, and cost. 5.There is a significant correlation between the recreation satisfaction level and age, occupation, education level, marital status, monthly income, and place of residence. 6.The study shows a strong correlation between recreational motivation and satisfaction level. Key words: hot spring tourists, recreational motivation, recreational satisfaction
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