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Title: 國小體育新手教師與經驗教師教學思考之研究
The Research of Elementary School Physical Education Novice Teacher and Experience Teacher Teaching Thinking
Authors: 林靜萍
Lin, Ching-Ping
Lee, Ya-Yen
Keywords: 課程價值取向
curriculum value orientation
Instructional decision-making
team sport teaching
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在探討國小體育教師教學思考之內涵及影響因素。以個案研究法,透過深度訪談、刺激回憶訪談、觀察、文件資料分析等質性方式蒐集資料,以三角檢核提高信、效度。研究參與者為板南國小的新手與新北市朝陽國小的經驗教師體育教師及其所教授的四年級班級各一班。所得資料仔細閱讀後,進行編碼,做證據的處理與意義的詮釋,將資料整理、歸納、分析。研究結果顯示: 一、新手教師與經驗教師教學前、中、後之思考皆不同。新手教師教學前思考尚處於變動時期、教學中在試驗所學,對學生訊息處理較不敏銳、教學後的反省思考較為表層。經驗教師教學前思考其教學信念與課程己建立系統性的連結、教學中能敏銳處理學生問題,並導入球類實戰經驗教學與情意的學習層面、教學後反省以整體課程與提升學生能力做為反省的焦點。 二、影響新手教師教學決定以學生和時間因素為主,經驗教師教學決定以校園體育競賽、學生、時間、氣候、情意學習和回饋因素為主要影響因素。 根據上述結果,建議學校體育課程球類教學應打破基本動作到比賽按部就班教學內容設計的迷思,加入角色位置、規則、戰術與情意層面的教學。針對未來研究建議,探討不同學習階段、不同運動項目新手教師與經驗教師教學思考之不同處,以及不同專業成長階段、不同性別教師在教學思考之不同處。
The purpose of the study was to explore teaching thinking context and influences factor of elementary school physical education novice and experience teacher. The study adopted a qualitative case study to gain information, collected from interviews, stimulated recall, classroom observations and document materials. The triangulation was to enhance the reliability and validity. The participant who were novice teacher and experience teacher at the Ban-Nan elementary school and New Taipei City Chao-Yang elementary school, include their teaching classes. After read material, made the coding, address the evidences and explanatory meaning. The data were then arrange, sum up and analysis. The results were indicates as the follows: 1. They had different in thinking at teaching before, action and reflection between novice and experience teacher. Before the teaching, novice teacher thought during the change period, try to test the person’s education at action, can’t sharp at address student’s messages, and surface of thinking at teaching reflection. Before the teaching, experience teacher thinking built the systematization connection with teacher’s beliefs and curriculum, can sharp at address student’s problems, introduction practice competition experience of teaching and affective learning, to focus on overall curriculum and enhance student’s ability at teaching reflection. 2. The main of influence Instructional decision-making factor were students and times of novice teacher, who were sport competition of campus, students, times, weather, affective learning and feedback of experience teacher.
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