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Title: 運動產業商業模式研究—以重慶樂視體育發展有限公司為例
A Study of Sport Industry Business Model—An Example of Chongqing Lesports Development Co., Ltd.
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Wang, Cang
Keywords: 樂視體育
business model
sport industry
media transformation
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究主要是瞭解樂視體育基地及運動產業等商業模式,通過重慶樂視體育發展有限公司為例,藉由文獻探討、文檔分析以及深度訪談等討論其商業模式情況,並分析媒體轉型的困境與應對,以及重慶的運動產業現狀。主要研究結果如下: 一、重慶樂視體育發展有限公司是由騰博體育與樂視體育進行業務合作發展而形成的公司,也是樂視體育產業化佈局成立的第一個基地。這個基地的產生,是傳統媒體產業與運動產業合作,進行轉型的一個舉措。 二、重慶樂視體育發展有限公司的商業模式就是通過自身的能力舉辦賽事,同時進行技術的銷售來得到利潤,公司有自己的核心資源和核心業務。重慶樂視體育發展有限公司帶動了整個重慶運動產業的發展。 三、新媒體環境下,報紙的主要收入廣告量也大幅下降。面對新媒體環境的衝擊,報媒必須轉型。在新媒體衝擊下,改變廣告形式,是報媒轉型的重要環節。國家也出臺相應政策推動傳統媒體的發展。 四、重慶市運動產品生產、銷售能力比較強,而與真正能夠反映其運動消費與健身現狀的競賽表演、健身休閒等指標比較差;運動產業中僅有運動用品製造和銷售初步形成了產業鏈,沒有將傳統體育運動方式和資源形態進一步開發,有待政府進一步創新其產業結構和產業佈局方式。當前運動產業的發展對政府的依賴較為明顯。重慶有著龐大的運動產業市場,重慶樂視體育發展有限公司的成立,也對重慶運動產業發展有著促進作用。
This study is mainly to understand the Lesports base, sport industry and other business models. Taking Chongqing Lesports Development Co., Ltd. as an example, through literature review, document analysis and in-depth interviews, this paper discussed its business model, and analyze the plight and response of the media transformation, as well as the present situation of sport industry in Chongqing. The main results are as follows: First, Chongqing Lesports Development Co., Ltd. is a company formed by Teng Bo sports and Lesports through business cooperation and development. In addition it is the first base established by the Lesports industrialization. The emergence of this base is a cooperation between the traditional media industry and the sports industry and a measure of transformation. Second, the business model of Chongqing Lesports Development Co., Ltd. is through its own ability to host events, sell technology and to gain profits at the same time. The company has its own core resources and core business. Chongqing Lesports Development Co., Ltd. leads the development of the entire sport industry in Chongqing. Third, the production and sales capacity of sport products and related products in Chongqing are relatively strong. But the indicators of competition performance, fitness and leisure, the use, brokers, training and education of venues, and training facilities, which are related with people closely and can really reflect the situation of sport consumption and fitness, are relatively poor. In Chongqing sport industry, only sporting goods manufacturing and sales have formed the industrial chain, and the government needs to further innovate its industrial structure and industrial layout. Fourth, Chongqing has long been a strong player in the production and sales of sportswear and sporting goods. However, it is also admitted that, as part of the entire sports supply chain, the progress in the leisure and fitness market is relatively slow. Currently, the development of the sport industry has a significant reliance on the government policies. Government's support for variety of sports innovations and a more sustainable market structure will be the driving force in pushing the sports industry forward. Given the great potential of sporting market here in Chongqing, the establishment of Chongqing Lesports will positively advance and advocate the sport industry.
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