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Title: 企業運動員健康工作自覺量表之建構與驗證
Development and Confirmatory of Corporate Athlete Perceived Health-Work Scale
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Yeh, Chin-Shu
Keywords: 企業運動員
corporate athlete
health-work perceived exertion
physical activity
organizational performance
job satisfaction.
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在編製並驗證企業運動員健康工作自覺量表,研究步驟始於相關文獻資料探討與分析,用以建構企業運動員健康工作自覺量表的要素與初步模式,續透過專家座談編修量表題項,確立預試問卷,以進行量表項目分析、探索式因素分析 (Exploratory Factor Analysis, EFA) 及信度分析。正式施測首重量表之信度驗證、效標關聯效度 (criterion-related validity) 及驗證性因素分析 (Confirmatory Factor Analysis, CFA) 建構效度。 主要研究結果如下: (1) 驗證性因素分析 (CFA) 結果支持企業運動員健康工作自覺量表的五個分量表結構。 (2) 以統計數值為依據,支持每個分量表6題,共30 題構成量表的題目。本量表測量模型檢驗結果,有良好的配適性表現。 (3) 企業運動員健康工作自覺量表之總量表的內部一致性信度係數為 .96,五個分量表範圍為 .82 ~ .91。 (4) 企業運動員健康工作自覺量表與工作滿意量表之理論相關係數已達顯著水準。 綜合上述研究結果,在經過構念效度、信度和區辨效度檢驗後,企業運動員健康工作自覺量表已達初步可接受的水準,可做為測量組織成員在健康工作自覺的有效工具。
The aim of this study was to develop and confirmatory the corporate athlete’s health-work perceived scale. This study included both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The related references were first collected to design the corporate athletes’ health-work perceived scale. Second, the items of the scale were revised according to experts interview data and the preset scale was examined by scale item analysis, exploratory factor analysis and reliability analysis. Last, the polite study was conducted to test the preset scale’s reliability, criterion-related validity, and confirmatory factor analysis construct validity. The subjects of the polite study were chosen with convenience sampling. The main research results included (1) Five subscales of corporate athlete health-work perveived scale were supported by confirmatory factor analysis. (2) Four items were selected in each subscale based on statistical numbers to develop the scale that contained total 20 items. The result of measurement model testing showed that the scale has great congruence model. (3) The coefficient of internal consistency reliability of the corporate athlete’s health-work perceived scale was .96 and .82 to .91 for each subscale. (4) The correlation coefficient between corporate athlete’s health-work perceived scale and job satisfaction sacle appeared significant different. After testing by construct validity, reliability and cross-validation, the corporate athletes’ health-work perceived scale reached the initial standard and can be used as a effective tool to examine the perception of health-work.
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