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Title: 大學生對2017世界大學運動會紀念品購前行為之研究
A Study of the Consumers’ Souvenir Pre-Purchasing Behavior for the 2017 Summer Universiade
Authors: 陳美燕
Chen, Mei-Yen
Wu, Yu-Feng
Keywords: 行銷
purchasing intention
information search
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 2017年夏季世界大學運動會將於臺灣的臺北市舉行,這對臺灣而言是一個極佳的優勢,被視為有能力舉辦全球性的大型活動,同時也是主辦城市提升城市形象的良好機會,例如可透過紀念品強化國際印象與知名度,創造短期之經濟效益。其中環境與策略即是影響購買紀念品相關因素,行銷人員還必須考慮可能影響消費者購買行為之社會與心理面向,如消費者心中的想法。另外,消費者還使用資訊來降低購買產品時的風險。部分研究結果顯示,消費者在購買前評估產品中感知風險程度越高,傾向於尋求有關該產品的資訊感受就越高。本研究目的為探析消費者對2017年夏季世界大學運動會的消費者購買行為傾向、對資訊的態度與對紀念品的購買意向。因此,為能完整回應研究問題,本研究應用量化研究法,透過問卷調查,共獲得551份有效樣本。根據回收問卷數據進行信度分析、描述性統計分析、t檢定、相關分析與迴歸分析。研究結果顯示:本次研究中女性參與者為314人(57.1%),男性參與者為236人(42.9%),參與者的平均年齡21.9歲。每月平均可支配收入為新台幣6452.17元,而91.2%的參與者不願意購買超過新台幣1000元的紀念品。另一個值得注意的發現是有86.1%的參與者喜歡使用網際網路作為媒體習慣。此外,研究顯示消費者的探索性購買行為,對資訊態度與購買意願呈現顯著正相關。探索性購買行為傾向與資訊態度對購買意願具有正向的預測能力。而在比較活動紀念品的購買意願時,發現男、女參與者對於紀念品的首要選擇為2017年夏季世界大學運動會的束口袋包,同時女性比男性更高的資訊搜尋行為,但男性的購買意願高於女性。而購買意願最低的紀念品則是雙節棍筆與魔術圍巾。基於研究結果,本研究建議臺北市政府應改善2017年夏季世界大學運動會紀念品的行銷策略,使消費者建立更好吸引力與產品知識度,提升消費者的購買意圖。
The next hosting city for the 2017 Summer Universiade Games will be Taipei, this will be a great advantage for Taiwan to be seen capable of hosting a global scale event, meanwhile it will also be an opportunity for the host city to raise the profile of the city, by using souvenir as the events image and create short term economic benefit. In addition, since environment and factors such as strategy have influence in purchasing souvenir, marketers must also consider the social and psychological aspects that are likely to influence consumer pre-purchasing behavior, such as what goes on inside the consumer’s mind. Furthermore, consumers also use information as a way to reduce the risks associated with product purchases. A number of research findings indicate that the more the degree of perceived risk in pre-purchase product evaluation, the greater the consumers’ tendency to seek information about the product. The purpose of this research was to better recognize consumer’s exploratory buying behavior tendencies, attitude toward information and Purchasing intention toward souvenirs from the 2017 Summer Universiade. Moreover, to answer the research question, a quantitative approach was chosen for this study, by using questionnaire survey, a total of 551 valid questionnaires were obtained. According to the data collected from the questionnaire, internal consistency reliability analysis, descriptive analysis, t-test, correlation analysis and linear regression analysis were analyzed. The results were as follows: 314 females accounting for (57.1%); on the other hand, there were 236 males accounting for (42.9%) and the average age is 21.9 years old. The average monthly disposable income of the participants is NT$6452.17 and 91.2% of the participants are not willing to spend more than NT$1000 on souvenirs. Another notable finding is that 86.1% of the participants use Internet as their media habit. Moreover, the consumers’ exploratory buying behavior, attitude toward information and purchasing intention correlate to each other significantly. The exploratory acquisition of product, exploratory information seeking and opinion of others has positive predictive power toward purchasing intention. Furthermore, when comparing the types of souvenirs from the event, the most common type of souvenir for both male and female participants willing to buy is the Universiade Drawstring Bag. Another notable result is that females has higher exploratory information seeking than males, on the other hand, males has higher purchasing intentions than females. Based on this study, participants interest on the Universiade Nunchaku Pen and Magic scarf is least favourable, therefore it is highly suggested that the marketing strategy of the souvenirs for 2017 Summer Universiade should be improved, such as having more commercials and advertisements on social medias, so that consumers builds attraction and knowledge which can increase consumers purchasing intention.
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