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Titel: 運動攝影之競技啦啦隊拋投動作決戰瞬間
Decisive Moment of Toss by Cheerleading in the Sports Photography
Autoren: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Chien, Chi-Ming
Li, Kun-Hsueh
Stichwörter: 競技啦啦隊
basket toss
sports photography
the decisive moment
Erscheinungsdatum: 2016
Zusammenfassung: 本文旨在研究競技啦啦隊運動決定性瞬間拍攝之要領,以半結構式訪談法,針對國內四名競技啦啦隊資深運動攝影師進行深入訪談,歸納出競技啦啦隊拋投動作之決定性瞬間拍攝準則及挑選照片因素,使未來有志投入競技啦啦隊運動攝影者,快速了解拍攝的內涵,挑選出因應的器材。研究結果顯示:競技啦啦隊運動之拍攝器材需具有高速連拍、對焦性能佳的機器,並使用24-70 mm、70-200 mm焦段之大光圈變焦鏡頭。使用長鏡頭會使被攝體在圖像中呈現較多的個人特寫與技巧表現,使用短鏡頭則便於呈現團體的默契感、隊形表現。捕捉凝結瞬間照片,高速快門是必備的條件之一,預測選手下一步動作,並使用追焦手法進行預先對焦,在有限的最短時間內完成畫面構圖,將最精采的瞬間捕捉下來。
The purpose of this study was to find out capturing cheerleading sport photography in the decisive moment essentials. Interviewed four cheerleading senior sports photographer with semi-structured interviews. Summed cheerleading photography shooting guidelines to the future cheerleading sport photographer, that they could understand the shooting process of quickly and select correct equipment. Results: Cheerleading sport photography need to have the camera with a high-speed continuous shooting and excellent focusing performance. And lens characteristics was large aperture zoom lens in 24-70 mm and 70-200 mm focal length. Using telephoto lens to take the image will render the subject more personal close-up and skills performance. The use of wide-angle lens rendering team tacit formation performance. Necessary conditions of capturing instant photo are high-speed shutter and to predict cheerleading players the next move. Using panning skill with pre-focus and completing photography composition in the shortest time to capture the most exciting moments.
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