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Title: 理解式球類教學法對國小學童桌球學習動機與比賽表現之影響
The Effect of TGfU on Table Tennis Learning Motivation and Games Performance for Elementary School Students
Authors: 闕月清
Keh, Nyit-Chin
HUANG, Jian-Jhih
Keywords: 理解式球類教學法
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討理解式球類教學法對國小學童桌球在專注力、切身相關、自 信心和滿足感等學習動機以及比賽表現之影響,研究對象為臺北市某小學六年級一班,共26名學生(男生15名,女生11名),實施為期六週,共十二節課,每節四十 分鐘的理解式球類教學。在量化資料的蒐集與分析方面,以ARCS學習動機理論量表與球類運動比賽表現評量工具進行教學前、後測驗,再以中文版統計套裝軟體SPSS 22.0進行成對樣本t檢定分析。在質性資料的蒐集與分析方面,則以錄影 觀察記錄、教師日誌與訪談等方式蒐集,再以持續比較法分析。研究結果顯示: 在學習動機方面,專注力(t =-4.33, p< .05)達顯著差異,切身相關(t =-1.01, p> .05)未達顯著差異,自信心(t =-4.36, p< .05)達顯著差異, 滿足感(t =-2.28, p< .05)達顯著差異,整體學習動機(t =-4.23, p< .05)達顯著差異,學童的學習動機在教學後有顯著的進步;在比賽表現方面,比賽表現(t =-35.33, p< .05)達顯著差異,學童的比賽表現在教學後有顯著的進步;大多數學童對於理解式球類教學法的桌球課程感興趣,能更加專注的學習,也能在學習過程中,增加自己的自信心與滿足感,而在比賽表現上,則有良好的發揮。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of TGfU in table tennis learning motivation on student’s attention, relevance, confidence,satisfaction and game performance. The participants were twenty-six 6th graders (Boys = 15; Girls = 11) at elementary school of Taipei city. The TGfU were implemented for twelve lessons in 6 weeks, 40minutes per lesson. In the collection and analysis of quantitative data, ARCS learning motivational scale and GPAI were used. These data were analyzed by dependent sample t test of SPSS22.0 to compare the pre-tests with post-tests. In the collection and analysis of qualitative data, videotaping, teacher’s teaching and interviews of teachers and students were employed. The data was analyzed by constant comparison method. The results showed: In terms of learning motivation, attention (t=-4.33, p< .05) achieved significant differences, relevance (t=-1.01, p> .05) didn’t achieve significant difference, confidence (t=-4.36, p< .05) achieved significant differences, satisfaction (t=-2.28, p< .05) achieved significant differences,and learning motivation (t=-4.23, p< .05) achieved significant differences. Student's learning motivation was significantly improved after teaching. In terms of game performance, game performance (t=-35.33, p< .05) achieved significant differences. Student's game performance was significant improved after teaching. Majority of students were interested in table tennis course of TGfU, more focused in learning, significantly increase their self-confidence and satisfaction in the learning process. Their performance in the game was improved as well.
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