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Title: 中學體育教師之理解式教學專業發展
Senior High School Physical Education Teacher’s Profession Development for Teaching Games for Understanding
Authors: 掌慶維
Chang, Ching-Wei
Wu, Cai-Ling
Keywords: 教師專業學習社群
professional learning community
teacher’s profession development
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究目的:瞭解中學體育教師如何透過專業學習社群,支持他們在學校實施理解式教學,以提供體育教師未來在教學專業發展上的參考。方法:兩位曾參與理解式工作坊之個案教師,透過參與觀察法、半結構式訪談蒐集資料,透過質性多元資料的歸納、比較,分析出研究結果。結果:二位教師皆肯定此教學法,參與專業學習社群後,專業技能及知能逐漸建構中,但主要阻礙面仍在教師對於此教學法之使用較掌握不到要領,如提問技巧及問題品質,理論與實務面連接不起來,或在學生端學習反應不是這麼熱絡等,教師需長時間進行專業發展提升自我能力。結論: 專業學習社群在教師實施理解式教學時給予正向的協助,可支持教師繼續在校進行理解式教學的專業發展。建議: 鼓勵籌組校內或是跨校的理解式教學專業學習社群,並拉長社群時間,運用計畫、實施與反思的程序,進行反思對話和討論,後續研究則仍須針對理解式教學問題情境的設計、提問、以及評量的議題進行探討。
The purpose of this study was to understand relating to the teachers’ professional development process while implementing TGfU in their schools. Through the professional learning community(PLC) was used as a way of the professional development for teachers to participate in.Two case teachers were willing to participate in this teachers’ profession development. Semi-structured interviews, participant observation, and lesson study were adopted to collect data. Then, the data were analyzed inductively by using constant comparison method.Result : Teachers implement the TGfU approach and situation in their PE class. After joined the PLC,Teacher’s knowledge and professional skill is constructed, but obstruct is the question skill , question quality ,theory and practical can’t variant, and student’s learn ability isn’t upgrade. Conclusion:PLC is good to teacher implement TGfU, and PLC can supported teacher.Advise: We hope to organiz about the TGfU’s PLC in intramural or school by school, and they can discuss, make self-examinatio and conversation. Further follow-up studies, we can discuss about design , question and achievement test in TGfU.
Other Identifiers: G060230021A
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