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Title: 羽球正拍網前撲球動作手指力量分析
Grip force analysis of badminton forehand net kill stroke
Authors: 蔡虔祿
Tsai, Chien-Lu
Chang, Yu-Hsueh
Keywords: 生物力學
net stroke
finger grip force
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 羽球網前撲球是所有的羽球技巧中具攻擊性的動作。本研究目的是探討羽球正拍網前撲球動作手指力量的大小與分佈 (大拇指、食指、中指、無名指、小拇指、第二至第四掌骨、第一掌骨、第五掌骨)。方法:以八名國內大專公開組男子羽球選手為研究對象。將手掌型壓力器 (Grip 4255N) 黏貼於手指和手掌上,並利用Tekscan軟體來收集選手網前撲球時的手指力量。以Wilcoxon相依樣本無母數統計,進行各項參數的差異檢定。結果:各分期動作時間相互存在顯著差異,最短時間為揮拍期,其次為引拍期,第三為準備期,最長時間為跟隨期。在整個動作過程當中,中指、食指、無名指及小指可以說是扮演控制產生力量及穩定球拍的重要角色。結論:中指、食指、小指、二~四掌骨、無名指及第一掌骨的最大力量產生在擊球瞬間前的揮拍期。第五掌骨則是因為球拍擠壓作用在擊球過後產生最大力量。各指節在跟隨期會產生第2高峰力量以穩定球拍。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the grip force of the badminton players when they were performed forehand net kill technique. Eight college elite badminton players served as the participants in this study. The palm pressure sensors (Tekscan Grip 4255N) were pasted on the fingers and the palm, Tekscan software was used to collect finger grip force. A Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-rank nonparametric statistical test was conducted to compare the differences between every two spots in the hands. The results showed there were significant differences in the duration time of the movements with each other. The shortest duration time was the swing phase in the movement (0.07sec), followed by the lift the racket, third for the preparation period, the longest period to follow. The max force of middle finger, index finger, little finger, the second to fourth metacarpal, ring finger and the first metacarpal were generated in the swing phase before impact. In the whole action process, the middle finger, index finger, ring finger and little finger played an important role in controlling force and stabilizing racket. Since the racket compression during the movement, the maximum force was generated after the impact in the fifth metacarpal. Also at the following phase, each knuckle generated the second peak force in order to stabilize the racket.
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