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Title: 僑生導師領導行為與學生學習滿意度之研究__以新北市某高職為例
The Leadership Behavior Satisfaction of Overseas Chinese: A Case Study of A Vocational School at New Taipei City
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Wang, Shu-Feng
Keywords: 僑生
Overseas Chinese
rotation type tutor
mentor leadership behavior
learning satisfaction
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解僑生來臺就學對導師領導行為與學習滿意度之現況;並比較其不同背景變項上之差異及探討僑生導師領導行為與學習滿意度之關係。本研究以輪調專班二、三年級僑生為研究對象,共計213位。並以「導師領導行為量表」、「學習滿意度量表」、「個人基本資料」等三部分為研究工具,採用問卷調查法,總共發出問卷213份,實際回收213份問卷,有效問卷204份,回收有效問卷率為96%。所蒐集之相關資料進行統計分析,本研究結果: 一、新北市某高職輪調式建教專班僑生對導師領導行為之現況呈現認同。 二、新北市某高職輪調式建教專班僑生對學習滿意度之現況呈現滿意。 三、新北市某高職輪調式建教專班僑生對導師領導行為與學習滿意度呈現正相關。
This study aimed to understand the Taiwan Overseas Chinese tutor leadership behavior and Students’Satisfaction and explore the relationship between overseas Chinese tutor leadership behavior and the degree of student'satisfaction on learning and compare their different background variables. In this study, The subjects were 213 Overseas chinese students of class two and rotation second and three.The "mentor leadership behavior scale" and "learning satisfaction scale" are as the research tools. A total of 213 questionnaires were actually distributed, 204 valid questionnaires were collected (96%). The results of this study: 1.The Overseas Chinese Students recognized the montor lendership behavior of their tutoring teachers. 2.The Overseas Chinese Students Satisfied with their learning at school. 3.There is positively corre lated of the mentor leadership behavior and learning satisfaction for the Overseas Chinese Students at New Taipei City.
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