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Title: 水中運動訓練對腦性麻痺兒童動作表現之探討
A Study of Cerebral Palsy children' movement ability on aquatic exercise
Authors: 林曼蕙
Man-Hway Lin
Wan-Chen Chen
Keywords: 水中運動訓練
Aquatic Exercise
Cerebral Palsy
Movement Ability
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討水中運動對腦性麻痺兒童動作表現之探討。研究對象為5男8女共13名中、重度殘障之腦性麻痺兒童,平均年齡為6.17±2.14歲,平均身高為108.15±9.35公分,平均體重為17.50±3.86公斤,水中運動訓練時間自民國94年3月19日起至6月4日止,合計11週,共22次,每次上課約50分鐘,課程中持續紀錄學員的出席率及學習狀況,以了解學員參與活動時的情形。 研究方法分為水中適應能力、日常生活能力及關節活動度改變情形之調查,水中適應能力學習成效及日常生活能力調查結果之資料彙整後予以描述性統計方式分析討論,關節活動度測量結果以相依樣本t考驗分析進行統計處理。研究結果:一、兒童水中適應能力表現有明顯的進步,並能在輔助下放鬆做出仰漂及俯漂,大多亦能使用輔具於水中自行活動;二、家長認為兒童在接受水中運動訓練後其語言表達、手部抓握、移動性動作、整體性動作等日常生活表現已有明顯的進步;三、兒童關節活動度在起始角度上左、右踝關節背屈達顯著,在最終角度上左、右肩關節伸直、左肘關節屈曲、左髖關節屈曲、左、右膝關節屈曲以及右踝關節蹠屈達到統計上顯著之差異。
The purpose of this study was to explore the movement ability on an Aquatic exercise for the Cerebral Palsy (CP) including comparison of the changing for Adaptation aquatic Ability, Daily ability and Joint activity degree. In order to understand the situation of the program, the participants have 5 males and 8 females CP children. (The average age is 6.17±2.14 yrs, the average height 108.15±9.35cm, and the average weight 17.50±3.86 kg). The percentage of children’s attendance of this program is 78%. We continuously recorded and observed their attendances and the routine activity abilities. The duration of this program is 11 weeks, twice a week from March to June 2005. The data is analyzed in describing statistics for Adaptation aquatic ability and Daily ability. The joint activity degree were analyzed statistically with t-test (p<.05). The results are(1)Via 11 weeks Adaptation aquatic program, children could relaxed and floated with assistance and moved around by themselves in water.(2)Parents noticed the children had progressed in languages- expression, hand and leg grip strength, increasing movements and balance and coordinate movement after aquatic exercise. (3)The joint activity degree showed significant difference (p< .05) before and after aquatic exercise in left and right ankle dorsiflexion, left and right shoulder extension, left elbow flexion, left hip flexion, left and right knee flexion, and right ankle plantarflexion .
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