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Title: 新北市國小田徑教練帶隊動機、阻礙因素與滿足感關係之研究
The Relationships between Coaching Motivation, Perceived Barriers, and Satisfaction of the Track and Field Coaches in Elementary Schools in New Taipei City
Authors: 楊梓楣
Yang, Chih-Mei
Chi, Li-Kang
Liu, Yung-Hsun
Keywords: 內在動機
instrinsic motivation
identified regulation
introjected regulation
external regulation
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討(1)新北市國小田徑教練帶隊動機、阻礙因素與滿足感的現況。(2)不同背景變項的教練在帶隊動機、阻礙因素與滿足感的差異(3)教練帶隊動機、阻礙因素對滿足感的預測。研究採問卷調查法進行探究。研究對象為新北市國小田徑隊教練206名。結果發現:一、教練帶隊動機呈現中上程度,阻礙因素呈現中下程度,滿足感呈現中上程度。二、不同背景變項在帶隊動機、阻礙因素與滿足感之差異情形:(1)在帶隊動機方面,體育科系畢業的教練有較高的內在動機和整體動機之帶隊動機,非體育科系畢業的教練有較高的無動機之帶隊動機。代理老師有較高的認同調節、內射調節及外在調節之帶隊動機。30歲以下的教練有較高的外在調節之帶隊動機。帶隊時間在5年以下的教練有較高的外在調節之帶隊動機。(2)在阻礙因素方面,男性較女性教練在經費、選手、家長、行政及整體的阻礙因素為高。非體育科系畢業的教練比體育科系畢業的教練知覺行政的阻礙因素較高。(3)在滿足感方面,不同背景變項的教練在滿足感無顯著差異。三、帶隊動機及阻礙因素可以有效預測滿足感,並由歸納結果發現帶隊動機中的內在動機、外在調節及無動機是預測滿足感的主要變項;阻礙因素中的場地設備、行政是預測滿足感的主要變項。
The aim of this study was three-fold. First, to investigate the current situation regarding coaching motivation, barriers, and satisfaction of elementary school track and field coaches in New Taipei City; Second, to examine the differences of coaching motivation, barriers, and satisfaction among different background coaches; Third, to examine the predictive utility of coaching motivation and perceived barriers on coaches’ satisfaction. The participants of this study were 206 coaches recruited from elementary schools in New Taipei City. The results showed as follows. (1) Participants revealed medium-high degree of coaching motivation, medium-low degree of perceived barriers, and satisfaction. (2) With respect to coaching motivation, coaches who are PE major had higher intrinsic motivation and self-determined motivation, and lower amotivation than coaches who are not PE major. Substitute teachers reported higher identified regulation, introjective regulation, and external regulation then formal teachers. Coaches who are under 30 years old reported higher external regulation. In addition, coaches who had coaching experience less than 5 years reported higher external regulation. With respect to perceived barriers, Male coaches perceived greater barriers in terms of financial, athletes, students’ parents, administration, and total barriers. Coaches who are not PE major perceived greater barriers on administration than coaches who are PE major. With respect to satisfaction, there is no significant difference among different back ground coaches. (3) Coaching motivation and perceived barriers significantly predicted coaches’ satisfaction. Specifically, intrinsic motivation, external regulation, and amotivation were important variables in terms of coaching motivation. Facilities and administration were two major predictors in terms of perceived barriers.
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