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Title: 反應時間的量測會受慣用手與慣用眼影響嗎?
Will the measurement of reaction time be influenced by the handedness and eyedness?
Authors: 楊梓楣
Yang, Chih-Mei
Chen, Yang-Yueh
Keywords: 手慣用性
dominant eye
lateral preference
reaction time
visual field
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 由於人類大腦交叉支配的功能致使我們的左腦與右腦會分別控制身體相異的兩側,左腦被稱為言語之腦,在處理語言及邏輯性思維上佔優勢,而右腦被稱為感覺之腦,在掌握視覺訊號進行直覺判斷、緊急反應及辨識空間上佔優勢。運動場上若能擁有較快的反應及判斷往往是比賽致勝的關鍵,左慣用手者是否受益於其發達的右腦而在運動專業領域中出現的比例超出全球左慣用手人群比例?本研究的目的在探討慣用手眼型態與視野刺激位置的不同對反應時間的影響,藉由視覺刺激的操弄,以手部食指之按鍵工作來探究個體反應時間與整體反應時間的快慢。本研究共招募72位實驗參與者,平均年齡為17.6±0.7歲,依慣用手及慣用眼測量結果分派至左慣用手左慣用眼組、左慣用手右慣用眼組、左右開弓左慣用眼組、左右開弓右慣用眼組、右慣用手左慣用眼組、右慣用手右慣用眼組,每組12人。實驗工作為操弄視覺刺激來測量手部食指按鍵工作之反應時間與整體反應時間。分別以6 (慣用手眼型態) ×4 (視野刺激位置) 及3 (慣用手型態) ×2 (按鍵手) 混合設計二因子變異數分析,視野刺激位置、按鍵手為重覆量數,探討不同慣用手眼型態在不同視野刺激下反應的快慢差異以及反應量測與慣用手之關係。結果顯示慣用手眼型態不會影響反應時間的快慢;視野刺激位置的不同會影響反應時間與整體反應時間的快慢,而左視野左側最具優勢;以按鍵工作來量測反應的研究,整體反應時間會受慣用手影響,反應時間則不然。
Due to brain lateralization, each brain hemisphere controls the contralateral part of the body. The left hemisphere, hemisphere of speech, deals with language and logical thinking, while the right hemisphere, hemisphere of sensation, dominate in mastering the visual signals with intuitive judgment, the emergent response and spatial recognition. On tracks and fields, react and judge quicker are often the critical winner in competitions. Whether the ratio of left handers in the professional sports field exceeds the left handers general population were benefited from well-developed right hemisphere? In this study, we utilize visual stimuli manipulation with index finger keystroke task to investigate how handedness, eyedness, and sites of visual filed stimulation interfere with reaction time and response time. In total, 72 participants were recruited in our study, with mean age 17.6± 0.7 years old. They were grouped in to 6 groups respectively according to handedness and eyedness, including left handers with left dominant eye, left handers with right dominant eye, mixed handers with left dominant eye, mixed handers with right dominant eye, right handers with left dominant eye, right handers with right dominant eye. The experimental tasks were manipulate visual stimuli to measuring the reaction time and response time of index finger keystroke task. The results were analyzed using 6 (handedness-eyedness patterns) × 4 (visual stimulation position) and 3 (handedness patterns) × 2 (keystroke hand) mixed design two-way ANOVA, the different visual stimulation sites and different keystroke hands were repeated measures to investigate the relations of handedness-eyedness patterns on reaction time differences by visual field stimulation at different sites. The results show that handedness and eyedness patterns do not influence the speed of reaction time. Visual field stimulation at different sites will interferes the reaction time and response time, especially stimulus over left side of the left visual field. In this study of reaction time measurement by keystroke task, the response time, but not the reaction time, is influenced by handedness.
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