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Title: 街頭公共設施解讀課程對大學生科學識讀影響之研究
Improving University Students' Scientific Thinking through Participating in an Inquiry-based Civil Construction Project
Authors: 楊文金
Wen-Jin Yang
Chih-Jo Lin
Keywords: S-T-S教學
S-T-S teaching model
science literacy
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討大學生在通識課程中,參與依照STS教學模式所設計的「街頭公共設施解讀課程」後,科學識讀改變的情形及各階段相關的活動,並探究不同學科背景、不同生活經驗的學生其街頭科學識讀的改變歷程。 本研究進行之研究方法採質性研究,針對選修國立臺灣師範大學第102學年度第1學期「街頭科學識讀」的大學生進行歷時一學期的觀察與訪談,利用半結構晤談法探究學生的想法。本研究在隨班上課過程中,觀察學生的課程參與態度,從70位修課學生篩選出11名學科背景、性別不同的學生分別搭配「街頭科學調查活動」,在活動過程共進行三次訪談,其晤談資料轉譯為文字檔,以此來分析探討。 研究結果發現,街頭科學識讀與大學生是否屬於科學背景並無絕對關係,在參與本研究設計的活動後,大多數的研究對象在「過程技能」、「科學態度」、「思考智能」、「科學應用」等四項科學識讀的指標有明顯進展。最後,本研究根據研究結果,對未來大專院校科學化的通識教學及相關研究提出建議。
This research aims to probe into the change of science literacy of college students through the activity designed based on S-T-S teaching model - " inquiry-based civil construction project " in general course; to address the relationship between their changing on every stage; to discuss the changing progress between different major and different life experience students. This study used qualitative methods for the 70 students who took the one semester general course- "Street Science Literacy" in National Taiwan Normal University in the first elective school year first semester. Through the observations and interviews in the semester, researcher finally selects 11 students as the research base and makes three times interviews from the activity start to the end. After the file-collecting and dialogue-transforming, researcher summarizes analysis, translates and interprets all the information. According to the research results, no obvious evidence was found if the science literacy capability is related to the background of science of college or not students. After participating this research activity, most of the students have obviously progress on the four target of the science literacy as below: (1) science process skills (2) science attitude (3) Thinking Intelligence (4) scientific application. Base on the research results, suggestions are made to the educators regarding to scientific general education for future researches.
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