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Title: 探討不同語言結構對學生在科學試題的答題影響-以TIMSS 2003試題為例
A Study on the Influence of Scientific Tests with different Linguistic Structure on Students』 Test Performance:Take the Test of TIMSS 2003 as the Example
Authors: 楊文金
Wen-Gin Yang
Chien-Chang Fang
Keywords: 系統功能語法
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討學生在不同的語言結構之科學試題的答題表現。首先將瞭解TIMSS 2003成就測驗的試題翻譯情形及翻譯方式,並使用不同的翻譯策略及方法,來對TIMSS 2003成就測驗的試題進行翻譯改寫的工作。藉由不同翻譯策略及方法所產生的兩種翻譯試題來探討下列問題:(1)不同的文字敘述方式對學生答題表現的影響,(2)透過翻譯學的觀點與系統功能語法的分析,來瞭解學生受語言結構影響的原因。 本研究以翻譯學的觀點發現,以「詞的選擇」和「詞的增刪」這兩種翻譯向度的改變,最能使學生在不同語言結構試題的答題表現達到顯著差異。從系統功能語法的觀點發現,不同的翻譯試題在「內容詞的改變」,是使學生在不同語言結構試題的答題表現,達到顯著差異的必要條件。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the scientific tests with different linguistic structure on students』 test performance. First、I will research into the translation of the test of TIMSS 2003、and use different method to translate the test of TIMSS 2003. With two kinds of different translation of the tests of TIMSS 2003 as the instrument to explore the following things: (1) The influence of the different test descriptions on students』 test comprehension; (2) Through the analysis of translate and Systemic Functional Linguistics to explore the reasons which students are influenced by the different linguistic structure. The main research findings are as follows: (1) Through the analysis of translate、the translation changing of degree with「choice of word」and「addition and deletion of word」 which students are most influenced by the different tests of linguistic structure; (2)Through the analysis of Systemic Functional Linguistics、the essential condition with 「the change of the content word」which students are influenced by the different tests of linguistic structure.
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