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Title: 從系統功能語言學觀點探討學生閱讀科學課文--以肺循環文本為例
Exploring the processes of reading about science textbooks from the perspective of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) – Case study of the topic of pulmonary circulation
Authors: 楊文金
Wen-Gin Yang
Hung-Hsiu Lu
Keywords: 系統功能語言
Systemic Functional Linguistics
pulmonary circulation
Representational Structure
image-and-text relationship
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在以系統功能語言學觀點,探討學生在閱讀科學課文的過程中,如何解讀圖片的表徵結構,及與科學課文的關係。以94名學習過血液循環單元的七年級學生為研究對象,使用自行設計之問卷施測;之後,並抽取其中自然科成績表現高、中、低成就學生各六名進行一對一半結構式晤談。本研究採取內容分析法,將圖片內容分類編碼。針對圖片閱讀的部分,分析受試者對圖片中表徵結構詮釋的類型頻率。對於圖文關係的部分,則分析文本斷詞、斷句與表徵結構所產生的連結頻率分佈。主要研究發現如下:(1)受試者對於圖片的閱讀受到表徵結構的複雜程度所影響。受試者對於概念結構中的分析過程,若其屬性為文字,則內容詮釋的結果較為一致;而缺乏文字屬性的分析過程,其詮釋內容與學生的先備知識有關。對於敘述性結構的閱讀,動作過程多半呈現方向性的詮釋。而同時具備敘述性結構與概念性結構者,則詮釋的意義會有競爭的現象。(2)受試者對於斷詞表現與表徵結構的圖文關係詮釋,以概念性結構中「載體」的屬性意義為主。此外,(3)受試者在完整斷句與表徵結構的圖文關係詮釋表現,在概念的部分較為相符;而對於不完整斷句的圖文關係詮釋情形,則與斷詞表現的部分類似。最後,本研究提出未來相關研究的建議。
This study investigated how students interpreted the representational structures of images and the the relationships between images and texts during the process of scientific texts reading from the perspective of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL). Nighty four seventh grade students who had finished the program of blood circulation were selected as participants of this study. All participants filled out questionnaire developed by the researcher. In addition, all participants were separated into high, middle and low groups based on the scores of science in mid-term exam. Then six participants were chosen randomly from each group to take the one-to-one and semi-structural interview. Content analysis was used to analize the content of images. The foci of data analization were on two aspects. One was the frequencies of all kinds of interpretations about the representational structures through image reading. And the other was the frequencies of connections between text segregations and representational structures of texts. First, the results showed that the image reading was affected by the complexity of representational structures. The analytical process of conceptual representations was more conherent for those with text-attribute. But on the contrary, the analytical process was much more related with the participants’ prior knowledge for those without text-attribute. Most of the processes of actions were directional narration in narrative structures reading. Furthermore, the interpretations competed with each other for the one composed of narrative and conceptual structures. Second, the relation between image and word was built up by the meaning of “carrier” in conceptual representation. Moreover, the interpretations for complete sentence and representational structures were more likely in the conceptual aspect. Instead, the interpretations for imcomplete sentence were close to those in the word segregation. Finally, implications for science education would be discussed as well.
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