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Title: 國中自然與生活科技學習領域教師對實施十二年國民基本教育在教學上的影響評估調查研究
The implementation of 12-year compulsory education for the teacher who teaches Nature and Science Technology in junior high school
Authors: 楊文金
Chang Liang-Fong
Keywords: 十二年國民基本教育
12-year compulsory education
Nature and Science Technology subject
Scientific literacy
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究主要是探討國民中學自然與生活科技學習領域教師對實施十二年國民基本教育在教學上的影響評估,研究過程採用問卷調查與訪談,先收集教育工作第一線的教師想法,加以增刪編成問卷,再進行施測與訪談,以期能瞭解教師的想法。研究範圍為桃園縣內四所國民中學自然與生活科技科教師。研究的結果顯示,在實施十二年國民基本教育後,教師對於使用自編教材的意願提高,教學活動會增加實驗操作、討論、與探究,也傾向運用教學媒材輔助教學,評量上增加實驗與主題報告的比重,也期望新教育政策能提升學生科學素養,並增加學生學習動機,從國中二年級到高中二年級間為較合適的高中與高職分流時間點,認為合科教學最困難在於教師專長無法配合。研究建議藉由十二年國民教育的推動,應重視落實生活科技課程、增加自然科教學時數、改善考試領導教學等陋習。
This study is to investigate the implementation of 12-year compulsory education for the teacher who teaches Nature and Science Technology in junior high school. The study uses questionnaires and interviews in order to realize the opinion of teachers. The questionnaire compiled by the idea of teachers collected the first line of education and then surveying and interviews. The study area is four junior high school teachers of Nature and Science Technology. The study shows that after implementation of 12-year compulsory education, teachers' willingness to use their own teaching materials to improve. Teaching activities will increase the experimental operation, discussion, exploration, and using teaching media. The proportion of experiments and thematic reports in assessment will increase. Expecting the new education policy can improve students' scientific literacy and study motivation. From second grader of the junior high school to the second grader of the senior high school is the most appropriate for the high school and vocational split time. Teachers believe that teachers’ specialty is the most difficulty in team teaching. Study suggests that implement of life science and technology courses, increase science teaching time, and improve exam influence teaching by implement of 12-year compulsory education.
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