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Title: 九年一貫自然與生活科技教科書分析:光學教材的內容與銜接性研究
Authors: 吳心楷
Keywords: 光學
teaching material suggestions
textbooks analysis
currium articulation
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 摘 要 本研究採用內容分析法,係以「教材內容細目」為分析工具,針對國中、小三個審定版本「自然與生活科技」與國編版「自然科」、「理化科」等教科書之光學教材內容的銜接性與外顯內容等進行探究。研究中將「銜接性」定義為文本內容同時具有繼續和順序等特性的存在,用以表示文本內容的銜接。 研究中主要發現如下:各版本國小文本光學課程由低至高年級之編排方式為,A版本為折射、反射、色光、彩虹、色散、透鏡應用等;B版本為光與影子性質、光傳播方式、反射、折射、彩虹、色光、色散等;C版本文本排序為影子、折射、彩虹、色光、色散等方式;國編版內容為光傳播方式、影子、反射、折射、色散、色光等;以及各版本的國中教材皆對國小所學過之相關內容重複,且進一步地對國小課程內容深度加以延伸。是故,顯示各文本對於重要光學概念都有談及,其主要差異為內容上排序的不同所造成,因此僅要在內容編排上作一調整,即可獲得較理想的內容銜接。依據「教材內容細目」出現次數分析,發現C版本文本內容的重複性較少,導致所呈現的細目次數似乎偏少;而國編版所呈現的次數最多,可意謂是內容的重複性較高。且各版本除重視文本內容之外且重視文本之插圖設計,將文字說明內容輔以圖、照,以讓學生融入情境,希冀學生可以理解與釐清相關之光學概念。因此,與其說是各版本之學習內容具有差異,倒不如說是內容的多樣化,讓教師與家長、學生擁有更多選擇性,以促進教科書之改良與進步。希冀本研究的發現,可做為教師選用教科書與各版本教科書編輯者之考量,並可作為未來相關研究之參考。 關鍵字:光學、教材內容細目、教科書分析、課程銜接
Abstract This research adopts content analysis and employs teaching material suggestions as instruments. It is to investigate the articulation and manifest content of optics concept about three instructional materials individually on science and technology curriculum in elementary and junior high school as well as national-edition textbook on natural science and physics and chemistry. In the research, articulation is defined as continuity and sequence simultaneously so as to reveal the articulation of the context. The main findings of this study are as below: (1) the sequences on the optics concept in various editions are, for edition A- refraction, reflection, light-source color, rainbow, chromatic dispersion, lens application, and so on, for edition B-characteristics of light and shadow, optical mode of transmission, reflection, refraction, rainbow, light-source color, chromatic dispersion, and so on, for edition C-shadow, refraction, rainbow, light-source color, chromatic dispersion, and so on, for national-edition textbook-optical mode of transmission, shadow, reflection, refraction, chromatic dispersion, light-source color, and so on; (2) every edition in junior high school is the repetition and extension from the edition in elementary school; (3) every edition mentions about 10. However, they are different in the sequences but can be circulated by proper adjustments; (4) according to the frequency on 10, edition C has fewer frequency due to its less repetition while 5 has the most frequency because of higher repetition; (5) every edition focuses not only on the contents but also on the life illustrations so as to make students emerge in real situation. Moreover, some symbols can elaborate the contents and empower students to understand and clarify the related 10. In brief, the learning materials on every edition are so different and multiple that teachers, parents and students can have more choices. Under this circumstance, it is hopeful to improve and make progress on editing the textbooks. The findings of the research can be as reference for teachers to adopt textbooks, for scholars to edit textbooks, and for researchers to make further study. Keyword:optics、teaching material suggestions、textbooks analysis、currium articulation
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