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Title: 神經系統圖形的表徵結構對於學生讀圖理解之影響研究
The Effects of Two Nervous System Image Representational Structures on Students’ Image Reading Comprehesion
Authors: 楊文金
Wen-Gin Yang
Te-Wei Feng
Keywords: 神經系統
Nervous System
Systemic Functional Linguistics
Representational Structure
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在以系統功能語言為理論工具,探討不同表徵結構的神經系統圖形對學生讀圖理解之影響。 研究設計主要分為問卷調查、準實驗研究和晤談研究三部分。首先選取30位國一學生,閱讀並填寫「傳統神經系統圖形診斷問卷」,以便診斷康軒版七上自然與生活科技教科書的神經系統圖形,對於學生的閱讀時是否會造成困難。準實驗設計將學生隨機分為實驗組和對照組。實驗組學生閱讀由系統功能語言理論所設計成的「SFL神經系統圖形問卷」;對照組學生則閱讀「傳統神經系統圖形問卷」。準實驗研究之研究對象為國中已學習過神經系統的學生共140位,同時進行閱讀並填寫「SFL / 傳統神經系統圖形問卷」中的問題;晤談對象則依問卷的作答表現以階層式隨機抽取16位學生,進行深入晤談以瞭解學生對圖形的理解情形和觀感。 圖形診斷問卷的分析結果發現,學生在閱讀傳統神經系統圖形時,出現了許多的困難點。準實驗研究結果發現,閱讀SFL圖形顯著比閱讀傳統圖形更能增進學生的讀圖理解,並可減少另有概念的產生。此外,由晤談結果亦顯示,學生閱讀傳統圖形後產生許多另有概念,而閱讀SFL圖形則較少另有概念產生。最後本研究對SFL圖形提出更進一步的修正,並對未來研究方向提出建議。
Drawn upon the perspective of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), this study aimed at exploring the effect of science image on pupils’ image reading comprehension. Two “nervous system” images were compared – the traditional images excerpted from current science text book, and the SFL images counterparts which were modified version of the traditional ones by the guideline of SFL.These two sets of image contain the same science concepts with differenct “Representational Structure”, “Modality” and “Compositional Meaning”. “Traditional nervous system images test” and “SFL nervous system images test” of understanding of nervous system was developed to probe pupils’ understanding on reading the images, a quasi-experimental design and semi-structured interview was deployed in this study. One hundred and forty junior high school students were randomly assigned to read one of the two sets of image, where sixteen pupils with high and low performance of both grops were selected as the subjects of interview. Major findings were as followings: (a) Students who read the SFL images performed significantly better than who read the Traditional images. (b) Students who read the traditional images generated lots of alternative conceptions of nervous system and had difficulties in making sense of images. (c) Pupils who read the SFL images produced relatively few alternative conceptions. Eventually, implications of the findings were discussed and the topics for further studies were suggested.
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