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Title: 高中生對生物課本中圖片的感受及對圖片的閱讀理解
Exploring the high-school students’ feeling and comprehension of reading pictures in biological textbook
Authors: 楊文金
Wen-Gin Yang
Ya-Chin Yeh
Keywords: 視覺語法
Visual Grammar
Representational Structure
Biological Textbook
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討高中學生對現行高中基礎生物課本中所使用的各類型圖片的感受,及學生在閱讀圖片時的閱讀理解。本研究以已學過基礎生物的高一學生為研究對象,並利用自編的感受問卷、理解問卷及科學寫作,以進行學生對不同表徵結構類型的圖片的感受與對圖片的閱讀理解情形的分析。 本研究的發現如下: (1) 現行的高中基礎生物課本,分別在敘事性結構和概念性結構圖片類型方面,各以轉換過程與純表徵圖片的數量為最多。 (2) 對於轉換過程的圖片,學生不僅花費較多時間閱讀,並容易對圖中的繼動者角色與所包含的隱含性分類產生錯誤的理解。 (3) 不同學業成就的學生對圖片的閱讀理解情形也不同。低分組較少根據圖片中的表徵變化來推論參與者的變動過程或各參與者的關係;而高分組的學生能根據加入個人的經驗進行推論。並且,高分組的學生在科學寫作上的表現亦優於低分組學生。 最後,依據本研究發現,就教學、教科書編輯及未來研究方向提出建議。
The study is investigated the high-school students’ feeling to the categories of pictures using in the current foundation biological textbook, and the comprehension of reading picture. The first grade students who had finished the foundation biology were selected as participants of this study. The participants were asked to fill out the questionnaire developed by the researcher. The analysis of the feeling to different representational structure picture and the comprehension of reading picture are proceeded. Major findings were listed as the follows: (1) In current foundation biological textbook, as the types of pictures, the conversion process pictures are most in narrative structure and the pure representation are most in conceptual representations. (2) Students spend many time in reading conversion process picture。 In addition, the role of the relay and the covert taxonomy in the picture are misunderstood easily. (3) The different studies achievement's student is different to the picture reading comprehension. Low grouping students rarely infer the participant's change process or the relation according to the representational change in the picture. High grouping students can infer the participant's change process according to prior knowledge. In addition, high grouping students surpass low grouping students in science writing. Finally, implications for teaching, the textbook edition and the topics for future studies are suggested based on the findings in the study.
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