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Title: 以文件探勘法比較國內外學者在論證相關研究上的差異
Using Text-Mining to Explore the Research Themes on Argumentation for Taiwanese and International Researchers in Science Education
Authors: 楊文金
Yang, Wen-Gin
Jen, Tsung-Hau
Yao, Yong-Hong
Keywords: 論點
homogeneous glossary
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 科學論證是科學教育研究的核心議題之一,近年來與科學論證相關研究的文獻數量大量增長,顯示其重要性與日俱增。本研究併用文件探勘法(text-mining)以及傳統文獻分析方法針對Web of Science (WoS)的社會科學引文資料庫(Social Science Citation Index, SSCI)中論證相關研究文獻進行分類,找出論證研究領域的重要研究主題,並比較國內外科學教育學者在論證研究主題上的差異。本研究自Chemistry Education: Research And Practice (CERP)、International Journal of Science Education (IJSE)、 Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST)、 Research in Science Education (RSE)、Science& Education (S&E) 與Science Education (SE)等六個在科學教育領域具代表性的電子期刊資料庫搜尋從1965年至2014年止共279篇論證文獻資料進行分析。分析結果顯示,論證研究領域可分為九大主題,包括「以論證能力作為科學教育課程目標」、「科學建模與論證品質」、「以論證增進科學學習成效」、「論證過程的科學語言或對話模式」、「論證時同儕互動」、「探究實驗與論證」、「小組討論如何影響論證」、「社會性科學議題中的論證」,以及「論證與態度的關係」等九類研究主題之相關研究。比對文件探勘與專家分類的一致性為0.86,顯示其具有好的一致性。此外,國外學者的研究以數量來看前三名依序為「以論證增進科學學習成效」、「社會性科學議題中的論證」、「以論證能力作為科學教育課程目標」,國內學者發表數量的前三名依序為「社會性科學議題中的論證」、「科學建模與論證品質」、「以論證增進科學學習成效」。整體而言,相較於所有國家學者的研究數量,國內科學教育研究學者在科學論證領域之比例(3.9%)比所有主題研究發表的平均比例(2.2%)高將近一倍。然而國內學者在「論證過程的科學語言或對話模式」、「論證時同儕互動」、「小組討論如何影響論證」等三個主題的研究發表則相對較為缺乏。本研究之結果可以做為國內科學教育學者未來從事科學論證相關研究時的參考。
The increase in researches on science argumentation during the last decades indicates that science argumentation has become an essential research topic in science education. The current study applied the text-mining technique to categorize the articles on science argumentation from the SSCI database (Web of Science), to find out the important research themes and to compare the differences in interest topics on argumentation between Taiwanese and the international researchers in science education. Based on a systematic review procedure, 297 articles in argumentation from six journals in science education were selected as the sample analyzed in the current study. These six journals include Chemistry Education: Research And Practice (CERP), International Journal of Science Education (IJSE), Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST), Research in Science Education (RSE), Science& Education (S&E) and Science Education (SE). According to the current analysis, nine themes including “C1: enhancing argumentation ability as a goal of science education”, “C2: argumentation in modeling”, “C3: enhancing science learning through argumentation”, “C4: using science language or the dialogue in argumentation”, “C5: peer-interaction in argumentation”, “C6: science inquiry and argumentation”, “C7: group discussion and argumentation”, “C8: argumentation in social scientific issues” and“C9: scientific attitude and argumentation” were identifies as important research themes on science argumentation. The consistency between the categorization conducted using text-mining technique and conducted by expert in science education is about 0.86. The results also indicate that C3, C8, and C1 are the more frequent topics studied by international researchers, and C8, C2, and C3 are by Taiwanese researchers in science education. In addition, the ratio of articles published by Taiwanese and international researchers on argumentation is about 0.04 and is almost twice as the ratio of articles on all the research topics in science education.
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