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Title: 台灣產滑蜥屬(Scincella)與蜓蜥屬(Sphenomorphus)的分子與形態鑑定
Taxonomy of Scincella and Sphenomorphus (Squamata: Scincidae) of Taiwan based on molecular data and morphological evidence
Authors: 林思民
Si-Min Lin
Jen-Chieh Wang
Keywords: 形態
mitochondrial DNA
morphological traits
nuclear gene
transparent window
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 台灣與鄰近地區滑蜥屬物種的分類關係複雜且尚未明確,而根據尾部腹面顏色可以將台灣滑蜥(Scincella formosensis)分為紅色與黃色兩種色型,因此以形態及遺傳資料檢驗台灣滑蜥種間與種內之分類關係並給予適當處理有其必要。另一方面,長久以來將瞼窗做為判別滑蜥屬與蜓蜥屬的重要特徵,然而近年來的研究顯示瞼窗能否有效區分這兩個屬仍有待檢驗。此外,台灣南部中海拔發現了兩群形態介於滑蜥與蜓蜥的小型石龍子,這些族群的分類地位需要確認釐清。本研究自台灣及鄰近地區取得滑蜥屬與蜓蜥屬包含外群共15個分類群,309個樣本,以粒線體基因組的Cytochrome b、核基因組的Cmos與Bach1等三個基因片段重建親緣關係樹,同時利用外部形態的特徵探討台灣及鄰近地區滑蜥屬與蜓蜥屬物種的分類關係。結果顯示1.黃色型的台灣滑蜥為典型的台灣滑蜥,而紅色型則為寧波滑蜥的台灣族群;2. 台灣滑蜥與先島滑蜥尚處於種化的早期階段,應該將先島滑蜥併入台灣滑蜥;3.台灣中海拔的兩個族群與台灣蜓蜥關係最接近,但形態和遺傳均存在具有鑑別力的特徵,應該是兩個尚未描述的新種;4. 以瞼窗構造做為滑蜥與蜓蜥屬的鑑別特徵會導致這兩個屬非單系群,台灣蜓蜥及中海拔的兩個新種應該改置於滑蜥屬。
The species diversity and taxonomic status of Scincella and small-sized Sphenomorphus in Taiwan and neighboring regions is a long and lasting controversy. According to the color of tails, Sc. formosensis could be separated into red-tailed and yellow-tailed morphs. On the other hand, two populations of ground skinks recently discovered at mid-elevation of Taiwan represent intermediate morphological characters between Scincella and Sphnomorphus. The species or genetic diversity of such a species complex in Taiwan and adjacent regions remains to be further studied, while the validity of the transparent disk as the diagnosis between the two genera should be re-evaluated. In this study, phylogeny of this species group was constructed with a total of 309 samples comprising 15 taxa by using mitochondria DNA Cytochrome b, nuclear Cmos and nuclear Bach1 sequences. Morphological characters were also applied to revise the taxonomic relationship between Scincella and Sphenomorphus of Taiwan and neighboring areas. My results indicated that: 1. the yellow-tailed morph represents a typical Sc. formosensis, while the red-tailed morph should be Sc. modesta; 2. with insufficient diagnosis between the two, Sc. boettgeri is suggested to be a synonym of Sc. formosensis; 3. the two mid-elevation taxa closely related to Sp. taiwanensis should be treated as new species; and 4. with a paraphyletic relationship between Scincella and Sphenomorphus, we suggest not treating transparent disk as a diagnosis between the two genera, while Sp. taiwanensis species group were suggested to be transferred to Scincella, i.e., Sc. taiwanensis.
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