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dc.contributorShyh-Hwang Chenen_US
dc.contributor.authorMing-Sheng Tsaien_US
dc.description.abstract長腳蛛科(Tetragnathidae)為蛛形綱蜘蛛目的第十大科。在台灣常見於灌叢、林地及田間等潮溼的地方。台灣的長腳蛛分屬於長腳蛛亞科,后蛛亞科和銀腹蛛亞科三亞科,其中長腳蛛亞科的成員,螯肢相當發達,具有成排的大齒; 雌蛛無外雌器與受精管等器官; 雄蛛觸肢器的杯葉狹長,與副杯葉之間形成關節。后蛛亞科的雌蛛外雌器骨化程度較強,受精囊骨化; 雄蛛觸肢器的脛節或杯葉基部有突起,插入器與引導器分離。銀腹蛛亞科的雌蛛骨化程度弱,受精囊呈薄壁狀; 雄蛛的亞盾板較小,插入器被引導器包覆。台灣的長腳蛛科研究,目前只有零星的調查記錄與物種描述,尚未進行完整的分類研究。本研究在台灣及鄰近島嶼進行調查,以徒手或掃網等方式進行採集,並以70%的酒精固定保存製成標本,進行物種辨識與型質測量。調查結果台灣的長腳蛛科蜘蛛除了銀腹蛛屬外,共有后蛛亞科4屬9種,長腳蛛亞科1屬12種,以及銀腹蛛亞科5屬11種,其中美麗麥蛛 Menosira ornata Chikuni, 1955、黑背后蛛 Meta nigridorsalis Tanikawa, 1994、印氏天星蛛 Mesida yini Zhu, Song et Zhang, 2003、佐佐木沖繩蛛 Okileucauge sasakii Tanikawa, 2001、喜隨蛛Opadometa grata (Guérin, 1838) 和田林高腹蛛 Tylorida tianlin Zhu, Song et Zhang, 2003 等6種為台灣首次記錄;而Meta alishanensis Tsai et Chen, sp. nov. 阿里山后蛛,Meta kueilinensis Tsai et Chen, sp. nov. 檜林后蛛,Meta laisheshanensis Tsai et Chen, sp. nov. 來社山后蛛,Meta taiwanica Tsai et Chen, sp. nov. 台灣后蛛,Meta wuluensis Tsai et Chen, sp. nov. 霧鹿后蛛和Mesida taiwanica Tsai et Chen, sp. nov. 台灣天星蛛等共6種為新種。排除種Tetragnatha gracilis (Bryant, 1923)及疑問種 Tetragnatha nepaeformis Doleschall, 1859各一種。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractIn terms of diversity, Tetragnathidae is recognized as one of the top ten family of Araneae in the world. They are widely distributed over paddy fields, shrubs, and woodland, where soil is usually damp in Taiwan. A total of 3 subfamilies, 7 genera and 32 species (genus Leucauge included) of tetragnathids had been recorded in Taiwan. Members of the Tetragnathinae have a pair of prominent chelicerae, and complex teeth. Females lack a prominent epigynum and fertilization tubes, whereas males have a long and narrow cymbium, from which are connected with paracymbium by a joint. Members of the Metinae possess a strongly sclerotized epigynum and spermatheca in females; palpal tibia with an apophysis, and embolus and conductor separated in male. Members of the Leucaginae prossess a slightly sclerotized epigynum, thin-walled spermatheca, embolus of palpus enwrapped by conductor. At present, there is no complete taxonomic study on tetragnathid spiders in Taiwan, with only some sporadic reports available on newly recorded species and new species. This study will provide a comprehensive species documentation and geographical distribution in Taiwan. I collected specimens with bare hands or sweeping nets from Taiwan and adjacent islands. Specimens will be preserved in 70% alcohol and used for identification and measurements. As a result of present revison, there are three subfamies,10 genera and 32 species of Tatragnathidae (except for genus Leucauge) found in Taiwan. Six species, Menosira ornata Chikuni, 1955, Meta nigridorsalis Tanikawa, 1994, Meta nigridorsalis Tanikawa, 1994, Mesida yini Zhu, Song et Zhang, 2003, Okileucauge sasakii Tanikawa, 2001, Opadometa grata (Guérin, 1838) and Tylorida tianlin Zhu, Song et Zhang, 2003 are newly recorded in Taiwan. Six species, Meta alishanensis Tsai et Chen, sp. nov., Meta kueilinensis Tsai et Chen, sp. nov., Meta laisheshanensis Tsai et Chen, sp. nov., Meta taiwanica Tsai et Chen, sp. nov. and Meta wuluensis Tsai et Chen, sp. nov. and Mesida taiwanica Tsai et Chen, sp. nov. are new to science. Tetragnatha gracilis (Bryant, 1923) is excluded from the spider fauna of Taiwan, and T. nepaeformis Doleschall, 1859 is remained doubtful.en_US
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dc.titleA Taxonomic study on the Family Tetragnathidae (Arachnida: Araneae) of Taiwan (Except for Genus Leucauge)en_US
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