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Title: 台灣區內白頷樹蛙複合種群族群遺傳結構與分類地位之探討
Population genetic study and Classification of Polypedates leucomystax species complex in Taiwan area
Authors: 呂光洋
Kuang-Yang Lue
Tian-You Zhang
Keywords: 白頷樹蛙複合種群
P. sp.
P. megacephalus
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 白頷樹蛙複合種群(Polypedates leucomystax species complex)廣泛分佈在東亞地區,由於型態上的差異模糊不清,使得以往的研究學者在其分類地位上有許多爭議以及盲點。本研究利用台灣島內以及鄰近地區族群之粒線體DNA及核DNA 的部分片段,並結合型態分析結果,以探討台灣島上白頷樹蛙的分類地位與鄰近地區近似物種的地理類緣關係以及島內白頷樹蛙族群遺傳結構。 以粒線體DNA Cyt-b序列進行台灣島內(除彰化田尾地區外)白頷樹蛙的基因型分析與討論,在minimum spaning network中可發現台灣島內具有台灣I型與台灣II型兩基因型系群,系群內鹼基位點差異均小於五個,推論台灣島內白頷樹蛙族群可能為大陸兩個不同地區的祖先族群,分別入侵台灣島,並且快速擴張造成的結果。 以Cyt-b、Rhodopsin兩序列片段,Maximum likelihood、Maximum parsimony、Neighbor joining三種方法建構親緣關係樹,顯示貴州台灣島內除彰化田尾地區族群應為另一不同物種P. sp.,馬祖、海南島、香港、以及彰化田尾地區族群則為P. megacephalus,兩物種間Cyt-b序列平均遺傳距離達到0.1736,Rhodopsin序列平均遺傳距離達到0.0086。 測量彰化田尾族群與台灣其他地區族群之吻肛長(SVL)、腿長(LL)、頭長(HL)、頭寬(HW),對其進行主成分分析(PCA)與判別分析(DA),結果顯示彰化田尾族群與台灣其他地區族群在外部形態有顯著差異,彰化田尾地區族群個體在頭部佔身體比例上,小於台灣島內其他地區族群。同時分析兩者雄性個體求偶宣告叫聲的結果也顯著不同,與分子遺傳分析的結果互相映證,顯示P.sp.與P. megacephalus在分類地位上確實為不同物種。
Hong Kong Whipping Frog(Polypedates megacephalus) widely distributes in the East Asian area. Because to differentiate condition variation is difficult, there are many disputes as well as the scotoma in its classified status. The partial sequence of mtDNA cytochrome b (Cyt-b)& nDNA Rhodopsin was used as genetic marker in this study. The length of sequenced Cyt-b gene was 615bp and Rhodopsin gene was 358bp. Totally, 191 specimens were obtained in Taiwan. This research using the Cyt-b sequence to analyze and discuss genetic structure of Polypedates megacephalus in the island of Taiwan(besides the Zhanghua Tianwei area). There are two haplotype(Taiwan I & Taiwan II) groups in Taiwan according as minimum spanning network. The variation of each haplotype is very small. It is the most possible that there are two mainland ancestral populations invade to Taiwan island. Phylogenetic trees generated from the ML、NJ and MP methods showed that there are another specie frogs (P. sp.) in Taiwan& Guizhou. The populations of Hainan Island, Mazu, Hong Kong & Zhanghua Tianwei area are real P. megacephalus. We discovered the proportion size of head and the calling have the obvious difference between P. sp.& P.megacephalus.
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