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Title: POE教學策略融入互動式電子白板對中學生月相概念學習成效之影響
The Effects of Integrating POE Instruction Strategies into Interactive Whiteboard Teaching on Ninth Graders’ Moon-Phase Conceptions
Authors: 許瑛玿
Ying Shao Hsu
Tsung Hua Yang
Keywords: POE教學策略
POE teaching strategy
moon phase
interactive whiteboard
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討以POE教學策略融入互動式電子白板的教學對九年級學生月相概念學習的影響,研究者先以POE教學策略設計地球科學月相概念教學活動,同時結合互動式電子白板進行教學,並以月相概念診斷測驗來瞭解該教學的學習成效,以及利用問卷瞭解學生對POE結合電子白板教學的觀感和建議。根據所蒐集的資料進行綜合分析後,得到以下結論:(1) 「POE融入互動式電子白板教學」顯著提升九年級學生的月相概念理解,且於教學後一個月的延宕測驗成績無顯著退步,代表學生的月相概念理解保留程度佳。(2) 「POE融入互動式電子白板教學」顯著提升九年級學生在不同認知層次的月相概念理解且保留程度佳。(3) 「POE融入互動式電子白板教學」對不同程度的學生皆能提升月相概念理解且保留程度佳。(4) 不同程度的學生於「POE融入互動式電子白板教學」後,不同認知層次學習成效保留程度大致良好,只有低分組學生在應用部分學習成效保留程度不佳。(5) 學生認為接受互動式電子白板教學,可以提高學習動機,變得更專心,學習也變得更有趣、有效率。基於上述研究發現,建議教師可以選擇較難學、較易產生迷思概念、需要空間思考等概念(如:月相),進行POE融入互動式電子白板教學。
This study aims to discuss the effect of integrating the POE instructional strategy into the interactive whiteboard teaching on ninth graders’ conceptions of moon phase. The researcher designed teaching materials, a diagnosis test in moon phase and a questionnaire of students’ perspective about teaching materials. The results showed that: (1) students’ understandings of moon phase were significantly improved after the intervention and held similar conceptual understanding after 4 weeks; (2) students’ understandings of moon phase in different cognitive levels were significantly improved after the intervention and almost retained the same after 4 weeks; (3) students with different academic performance improved their understanding of moon phase conceptions and almost retained the same after 4 weeks; (4) students with lower academic performance held significantly less understanding of moon phase in the cognitive level of applying after 4 weeks.(5) students thought that the interactive whiteboard teaching could enhance the learning motivation, and make learning more interesting and effective. Based on the aforementioned results, it is suggested that the teacher can apply the interactive whiteboard teaching with POE for difficult concepts or concepts involving spatial thinking (e.g., moon phase).
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