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Title: 華南地區紋唇魚(鯉形目: 鯉科)之親緣地理研究
Phylogeography of Osteochilus salsburyi (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) in southern China
Authors: 王震哲
Wang, Jhen-Che
Wang, Hung-Yi
Peng, Liang-Wei
Keywords: 親源地理
Freshwater fish
Osteochilus salsburyi
Genetic structure of population
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 初級淡水魚生活史局限於淡水域,其遷移、擴散及分佈均受到地質歷史上水系流域的連結與分離影響,其分佈模式必須依賴水系的連結,可反映生物地理與地質事件之關聯。紋唇魚(Osteochilus salsburyi)分布於中南半島北部與中國華南地區的一種廣布型淡水魚。本研究為瞭解不同河系的隔離對初級淡水魚遺傳結構之影響與可能的拓殖方向,以兩個粒線體基因cytochrome b、D-loop與四個核基因RAG1、MYH6、rpS7與COMT等為分子標記進行分析。結果顯示海南島族群位於親緣關係樹最基部。歷史族群動態方面,粒線體與核基因皆呈現族群擴張之情況。海南島族群亦存在最多的單基因型與最高的遺傳歧異度。推測中國華南地區的紋唇魚可能來自此區的南方,海南島最可能是其起源地。Cytochrome b的貝氏天際線分析結果顯示在一萬至兩萬年內紋唇魚物種經歷快速擴張事件,推論此現象與更新世晚期冰期結束全球溫度上升跟海面上導致適宜之棲地增加有關。
The migration, dispersal, and distribution of primary freshwater fishes are associated with historical hydrogeography events such as river connection and separation. Because the distribution of freshwater fishes must depend on river connection, freshwater fishes can reflect biogeography and geological events. The genus Osteochilus, which includes 35 species, is mainly distributed throughout the ancient Sundaland. Osteochilus salsburyi, which is the only member of the Labeoninae family found in China, is the most eastern distributed species of the genus and is found in southern China and northern Indo-China peninsula, In this study, I aims to investigate the genetic structure and migration history of O.salsburyi by analyzing the mitochondrial and nuclear genes, including cytochrome b, D-loop, RAG1, MYH6, rpS7 and COMT. A total of 236 O.salsburyi were sample from 12 locations within southern China. Samples from Hainan Island exhibited highest genetic variations, including number of haplotypes, haplotype and nucleotide diversities, among all samples. Phylogenetic analyses showed that Hainan Island population were at the basal lineage to the rest of southern China O.salsburyi population. Historical demographic analyses (Bayesian skyline plot and Fu’s Fs test) revealed population expansion. Based on my current results, I propose that the southern China O.salsburyi population was originated from its south, and the Hainan Island was the first place to be colonized.
Other Identifiers: G060143013S
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