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Title: 苗栗縣苑裡鎮慣行、有機稻農的生產行為、農業典範及有機農業產銷態度之比較
Comparison between Conventional and Organic Rice Farmers' Agricultural Behavior, Paradigm and Attitudes in Yuanli Township, Miaoli County
Authors: 王順美
Wang, Shun-Mei
Keywords: 農業典範
agriculture paradigm
organic agriculture
environmental education
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究的目的是探討稻農的耕作農法及其影響因素、稻農的農業典範趨向,以及稻農採行有機種植的原因和所遇到的障礙為何。本研究以苗栗縣苑裡鎮稻農為研究對象,採用問卷調查方法。問卷填答採面訪方式,共取得慣行稻農樣本59名,有機稻農樣本53名,合計112名。 根據本研究的調查結果顯示,受訪的苑裡地區稻農的耕作農法選擇與年齡、耕地所有權、專兼業、自己或親友是否曾經中毒以及是否受過有機訓練有關。 受訪的有機稻農和慣行稻農的農業典範有顯著差異,有機稻農偏向有機典範,慣行稻農則部分偏向有機典範。慣行稻農認為務農就和其他行業一樣,最重要的就是要賺錢,也認為現代農業是造成生態問題的次要因素,只要稍微減少農藥和化學肥料的使用即可,但是有機農民認為務農是一種生活方式的選擇,其次才是賺錢,而且認為現代農務是造成生態問題的主因,需要大大修改。 有機稻農種植有機水稻的主因是為了健康,所遇到的障礙最主要是成本太高、驗證程序複雜以及政府政策不完善。 根據研究結果,本研究建議未來政府相關單位:1.增加農民的有機訓練,並著重在環境的關懷;2.:提供農民有機資材及驗證費用補助;3.簡化有機驗證表單和程序;4.修正休耕補助政策。
The purpose of this study is to discuss the rice farmer’s farming practice and the agri-cultural paradigm tendency and the reason the obstical to adapt organic farming. In this study, rice farmers in the Yuanli township of Miaoli County are the sample of this survey and 112 rice farmers were selected. This research takes the method of survey study which used the revised alternative-conventional agricultural paradigm (ACAP) scale as the research tool. Our findings showed that the farmers’ farming selection is related to five factors: age, ownership of cultivated land, organic training, full-time or part-time farmers, suffered from poisoning. There are significant differences on Agricultural Paradigm between organic rice farmers and conventional rice farmers. Organic rice farmers have tendency to the organic agricultural paradigm; however, the conventional rice farmers are in favor of part of organic agricultural paradigm. In addition, conventional rice farmers think that farming is first and foremost a business like any other, all they have to do is reduse the using of pesticide and chemical fertilizers. But the organic rice farmers think farming is first of all a way of life and second a business. On the other way, the organic rice farmers think modern agriculture is a major cause of ecological problems and must be greatly modified to become ecologically sound , but the conventional rice farmers think modern agriculture is a minor cause of ecological problems and only needs to be fine-tuned periodically in order to be ecologically sound. The main purpose of growing organic rice is for their health, but the main obstacles are high cost, complicated verification procedures and inadequate government policies.Based on the findings, there are some suggestions provided for relevant government units as below: 1. To increase the farmers’ organic training, and focus on the care of the environment; 2. To provide farmers organic materials and certification fee subsidy; 3. To simplify these forms and procedures for organic certification. 4. To revise financial aid policy for fallow.
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