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Title: 插畫創作應用與研究~以漫畫形式表現為例
The Creation and Application of Illustration-an Example of Cartoon-Style Expression.
Authors: 張柏舟
Chung Po Chou
Cheng Fu Yuan
Keywords: 插畫
cartoon style
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 摘 要 大多數的插畫創作偏重於寫實與具象的實質表現,本插畫創作研究以漫畫形式表現為主。藉由漫畫原本誇張、變形及趣味的特性,以豐富插畫作品的內涵與可看性。在插畫的創作手法上,藉由電腦繪圖工具輔以個人專長的手繪筆觸,將科技與人文的雙重優點融合為一,創造出既理性又感性的當代插畫。創作題材以報紙文章的內容為藍本,將生硬的文字化為軟性、抽象又趣味的圖像。 本研究在第一章的緒論中,將說明研究的動機與目地,並依研究方法和範圍限制擬定研究架構與流程。第二章旨在探討插畫的定義、插畫的起源與發展、插畫的分類;並就漫畫的定義,漫畫的視覺形式特徵與內在形式意涵做深入的分析與探討。在第三章的分析研究中,將蒐集國內、外具有漫畫形式風格的插畫作品進行研判與分析,並歸納出研究結果,以作為個人創作的依據。第四章的內容,將對插畫創作理念、創作形式與技法做完整的說明,同時將漫畫表現之理念融入作品中,並針對自我的作品做整理分析,取其部分應用在實際生活文化中。如:海報、明信片、馬克杯、餐盤與T恤等…。 最後,在第五章的結論中將以創作研究的心得,說明插畫與漫畫兩者的分野;電腦繪圖與手繪筆觸融合的優勢。並藉由漫畫形式表現的插畫風格之呈現,佐證漫畫確實能為插畫增添幽默、有趣的元素。 關鍵字: 插畫、漫畫、漫畫形式。
Abstract Most illustration creation focuses on the realistic and concrete expression. This illustration creation study inquired the cartoon-style expression. The bombastic, deformed and funny features of comics enriched the content and wonder of illustration. The creation means employed the computer graphic and the personal-specialized hand-drawing, combining the double merits of technology and humanity and creating the modern illustration with rationality and sensitivity. The creation topics took the articles as the blueprints, transforming the hard words into the soft, abstract and intriguing graphics. This study stated the motivation and purposes in Chapter 1 and drafted the structure and process according to the methods and extent and limits. In Chapter 2 it aimed to inquire the definition, origin, development and classification of illustration and was engaged in the deep analysis and exploration of the definition, visual features and inner content of comics. In Chapter 3 the analysis research collected the national and international illustration works with cartoon style to embark on the judgment and analysis and concluded the results as the personal creation basis. In Chapter 4 the complete statements concerning the creative ideas, creative forms and techniques were addressed; meanwhile, the idea of comics-expression was integrated into the work and the arrangement and analysis of the self work were processed, the part of which was applied to the real life culture, e.g. poster, postcard, mug, dinner plate and T shirt, etc. At last in Chapter 5 the conclusion explained the division of illustration and comics through the learned experience of creation and research: the superiority of computer graphic integrating hand-drawing touch. The comics were proved to add the humorous and funny elements to illustration via illustration in cartoon-style expression. Key words : illustration, comics, cartoon style
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