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Title: 超現實風格在平面構成上之創作研究-以手繪插畫表現方式為例
The study on the surreal style in the construction of graphics
Authors: 張柏舟
Keywords: 超現實風格
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 超現實風格在平面構成上之創作研究 以手繪插畫表現方式為例 中文摘要 風行於二十世紀初的超現實主義以佛洛依德夢的解析強調人類真情感來自夢境,並透過奇特幻境等非理性表現來取代真實世界;這種超脫現實的表現形式與設計中追求創新創意的本質可說不磨而合。人類創意起源並非現今才開始,從東西方文化中即可窺見之,諸如古埃及藝術中「獅身人面像」、希臘「神話故事」情節或東方的中國歷史神話小說「風神榜」、「西遊記」等插圖這些都足以證明人類創意表現的最佳例證。 世界之大,文化常因地域而產生極大的差異性,一個優質設計師除了能在專業上發揮創意風格外,更重要是能在設計中尋找人類共通性的語彙,以探索人類最深底層自我的超現實主義,其獨特的表現手法正能充分提供設計上的創意性與共通性。 本論文主要目的在探討超現實風格在平面設計上的運用,並試圖尋找人類設計中的創意來源依據。 本創作研究共計五章,分別敘述如下: 第一章緒論,論述研究動機、目的,並說明研究方法、步驟、架構、流程和研究範圍與限制。 第二章文獻部份,探討超現實主義繪畫中的表現風格與技法。並介紹分析當代著名畫家風格特色,以及分析討論超現實風格如何運用在平面設計。 第三章是創作內容形式分析,探討插畫的定義以及在視覺上的運用。並依插畫風格、表現媒材、手繪插畫優缺點分別分析討論;另外也探究電腦繪圖設計與手繪插畫。 第四章將敘述創作理念、背景、過程以及技法分析。 第五章為本文結論,並就超現實主義繪畫中的表現風格與技法作一總結。 關鍵詞:超現實風格、超現實主義、平面構成、插畫
The study on the surreal style in the construction of graphics Using hand painted illustrations as examples Abstract The very popular surrealism at the beginning of the XX Century used by Freud´s interpretation of dreams to depict the true human feelings, and also the use of fantasy and other unreasonable expressions to replace the real world. The out of world expression and design are the perfect match for the essence of new creativities. The human creativity does not start today, such creativity is evident in the Western and Eastern cultures. Examples like the “Sphinx” of the ancient Egyptian art, the Greek Mythology, or “The Hero´s list” and “The Journey Towards the West” in China, are all proofs of the human creativity. The world is big, and the cultures are different due to the distance. An excellent designer not only can express creative styles professionally, he/she can even find the common language from the designs. He/she uses the deepest personal surrealism to provide enough creativity and commonness in the design with unique techniques. This paper investigates the application of surrealism in the graphic design and tries to find the basis of human creativity. This paper contains 5 chapters, which are as follows: Chapter 1: introduction, purpose of the investigation, objectives, study methodology, framework, process and range and restrictions. Chapter 2: related literature and expression style and techniques of surrealistic drawings. Presentation and analysis of contemporary illustrators and analysis of how to apply surrealism in graphic designs.
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