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Title: 以被動式Q開關摻釹晶體雷射激發人眼安全波段之光學參數振盪器
Eye-safe Optical Parametric Oscillator Driven By A Passively Q-switched Nd-doped Crystal Laser
Authors: 黃依萍
Huang, Yi-Ping
Lu, Ting-Hua
Hsieh, Yen-Chun
Keywords: Nd:YAG光學參數振盪器
Nd:GGG PQS Laser
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 使用Nd:YAG及Nd:GGG兩種晶體,以被動式Q開關雷射激發腔內光學參數振盪器分別產生波長大約1.5 μm的人眼安全雷射,在16 W的激發光源激發下,分別可以得到0.53 W與0.44 W的輸出。在我的實驗中,研究使被動式Q開關雷射有穩定輸出、探討雷射系統中不同元件對雷射波形、輸出功率、脈衝能量的影響。另外有針對光學參數振盪器系統做最佳化,並利用在光學參數振盪器系統內加入二分之一波片,使光學參數振盪器輸出功率增加44%,也發現在共振腔中加入二分之一波片,可以使satellite pulse產生的機率降低。
Eye-safe wavelength region about 1.5 μm is obtained by intracavity optical parametric oscillators (OPO). Eye-safe optical parametric oscillator is generated by a passively Q-switched laser with Nd:YAG and Nd:GGG crystal, respectively. The maximum output powers can be obtained 0.53 W in Nd:YAG and 0.44 W in Nd:GGG OPO.In this experiment, there are studies to make the passively Q-switched lasers have a stable output power, exploring the different laser pulse train, output power and pulse energy for different components of laser system. In addition, the optical parametric oscillator system is optimized and the output of the optical parametric oscillator is increased by 44% by adding the half-wave plate to the optical parametric oscillator system. It was also found that adding the half-wave plate to the resonator can reduce the probability of the satellite pulse.
Other Identifiers: G060341020S
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