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Title: 二硫化鐵奈米晶體製備與其在光電元件應用
Preparation of Iron Disulfide Nanocrystals and their Application in Pohtovoltaic Device
Authors: 陳家俊
Chia-Chun Chen
Keywords: 二硫化鐵
Iron disulfide
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 在本篇論文,我們利用 Fe-oleylamine 錯合物和元素硫於有機溶劑中反應形成二硫化鐵半導體奈米晶體。Fe-oleylamine 是由氯化鐵和oleylamine 反應所得到。在只使用 oleylamine 作為溶劑的情況下,我們所得到的二硫化鐵奈米晶體在TEM底下呈現花的形狀。當改變反應溫度以及改變oleylamine 和 1-octadecene 的溶劑比例,我們可以得到圓球形以及中空立方體的二硫化鐵奈米晶體。利用TEM、SEM、XRD等儀器分析所合成的二硫化鐵其形貌和晶體結構,發現合成的二硫化鐵奈米晶體為黃鐵礦結構(pyrite)。由於黃鐵礦的環境接受性以及高吸光係數,因此我們利用合成的花型二硫化鐵奈米晶體作為異質接面有機太陽能電池以及光感測器的材料。進而測量此類型太陽能電池在AM1.5G的模擬光源下,其光電轉換效率為0.07%。
In this study, we introduced the synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals by adding elemental sulfur to Fe-oleylamine complexes to produce FeS2 nanocrystals under wet solution phase chemical synthesis. Fe- oleylamine complexes were obtained from the reaction of Iron chloride and oleylamine. When only oleylamine was used as solvent, the synthesized FeS2 nanocrystals were flower-shaped. Spherical FeS2 and hollow cubic FeS2 were obtained by changing the reaction temperature and the solvent ratio of oleylamine and 1-octadecene. The crystal morphology and structure were identified by using material analytical instrument, TEM, SEM, and XRD. All the synthesized FeS2 was pyrite structure. Pyrite (FeS2) is a candidate as an alternative material for photovoltaic device due to its environment compatibility, low cost and its high absorption coefficient. The synthesized FeS2 (pyrite) were used as hybrid solar cell material and photocurrent response material. The resulting hybrid solar cell demonstrated a power conversion efficiency of 0.07% under simulated AM1.5G illumination.
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