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Title: 以中孔洞沸石負載高密度銀銅奈米粒子之合成、鑑定及應用
Syntheses, Characterizations and Applications of Silver and Copper Nanoparticles Loaded onto Mesoporous Zeolites
Authors: 劉沂欣
Liu, Yi-Hsin
Chen, Yu-Lin
Keywords: 中孔洞沸石
Mesoporous zeolite nanoparticles
Ag nanoparticles
Cu nanoparticles
ZnS nanowires
Graphene oxide
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究利用介面活性劑自組裝行為形成微胞,再以沸石晶種共聚 形成具中孔洞形貌的中孔沸石奈米粒子(MZNs)。我們以MZNs 作 為基材,利用其中孔洞之空間侷限性,合成具固定尺寸之銀及銅奈米 粒子,並進一步以此金屬觸媒催化生長硫化鋅奈米線以及氧化石墨烯。 藉由配位基置換對奈米粒子進行表面改質,利用靜電力相吸的原理讓 金屬錯離子附載在中孔洞沸石材料上。我們經由電子顯微鏡、氣體等 溫吸脫附和X 光繞射光譜,對孔洞結構及奈米粒大小進行分析鑑定, 接續以Solution-Solid-Solid(SSS)法催化生長硫化鋅奈米線。銦錫氧 化物上生長中孔洞垂直沸石薄膜後,使用電化學方法還原金屬在中孔 洞內,合成出具有表面電漿共振效應的奈米金屬陣列,並用於發展具 表面增強拉曼技術之新穎奈米材料。
In this study, The MZNs (mesoporous zeolite nanoparticles) were applied as substrate to grow space-confined metal nanoparticles. The micelles were formed by the self-assembly behavior of the surfactant, and the mesoporous zeolite nanoparticles (MZNs) with mesoporous morphology were formed by co-condensation of zeolite seeds. We use MZNs as the substrate, and utilize the limitation of the pores to synthesize silver and copper nanoparticles with fixed size. The growth of zinc sulfide nanowires and graphene oxide were both catalyzed by this metal compound. The surface modification of the nanoparticles is carried out by ligand substitution, and the metal complex ions were loaded into the mesoporous zeolite material by electrostatic attraction. The pore structure and the size of nanoparticle were analyzed by electron microscopy, BET, EDS and X-ray diffraction spectroscopy. Then catalyzed the growth of zinc sulfide nanowire via Solution-Solid-Solid (SSS) method. After growing the vertical zeolite membrane on the indium tin oxide (ITO), the metal is reduced in the mesopores by electrochemical methods to synthesize nanoparticles of metal array. Surface plasma resonance effect develop with surface-enhanced Raman technology.
Other Identifiers: G060542061S
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