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Title: α-胺基酸的脫羰基碳-碳鍵形成反應
Decarbonylative C-C Bond Formation of α-AminoAcids
Authors: 簡敦誠
Chien, Tun-Cheng
Lin, Chih-An
Keywords: 脫羰基反應
C-C bond formation
Grignard reagents
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本論文主要探討的是進行α–胺基酸的脫羰基反應後,利用格里納試劑進行碳-碳鍵的形成反應。我們的方法可以合成2號位置有官能基取代的吡咯啶及哌啶等衍生物,而合成此類化合物的關鍵是利用醯氯化試劑形成亞胺離子中間體,並使用格里納試劑作為親核性試劑進行加成反應,生成碳–碳鍵。我們使用包含sp3-, sp2- 和 sp-碳的格里納試劑進行反應,探討反應的廣泛應用性,期望此方法可應用於一些生物鹼的簡易合成。 關鍵字:脫羰基反應、碳-碳鍵形成反應、格里納試劑
This master's thesis is focus on the decarbonylative C-C bond formation of N-alkylated cyclic α-amino acids followed by the reaction with Grigard reagents. The methodology enables the synthesis of a series of 2-substituted pyrrolidine and piperidine derivatives. The key step involves the formation of iminium intermediates from the acid chloride generated in situ. And Grignard reagents were used as nucleophiles to construct C-C bond. The scope of the Grignard reactions with sp3-, sp2- and sp-carbon nucleophiles was tolerant. The versatility of the method could be used to explore the concise synthesis of bioactive alkaloids. Key word:decarbonylative、C-C bond formation、Grignard reagents
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