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Title: 多種不同結構微米級石墨對鋁離子電池電化學表現之影響研究
The Study on Electrochemical Performance of Various Micro-graphite Materials with Different Structures for Aluminum-ion Battery
Authors: 陳家俊
Chen, Chia-Chun
Hsieh, Yu-Ju
Keywords: 鋁離子電池
Aluminum-ion battery
ionic liquid
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 近期發表於期刊上之鋁離子電池是以鋁金屬當作負極、石墨當作正極 以及使用離子液體作為電解液。因鋁離子電池具有低成本、低可燃性、 高速率充放電、長圈數的壽命以及牽涉三個電子的氧化還原反應使其 成為鋁離子電池的特點。 本篇研究主軸是將不同結構之微米級石墨應用在鋁離子電池正極材 料上,並對其電化學表現和其結構特性相關性做整理歸納。 本篇研究之微米級石墨有 SP-1 天然磷片石墨、GNPs (石墨烯奈米薄 片)、KS6、MCMB(介相微碳球)、島久石墨以及鍛燒至 1000℃的蔗糖。 從 X光繞射儀結果可以看出不同微米石墨的[002]特徵峰強度均不同 且拉曼光譜可看出不同石墨 D band 和 G band 的比值差異,以掃描式 電子顯微鏡(SEM)也可以看出不同石墨均有不一樣的粒徑大小,根據 X 光繞射儀、拉曼光譜以及掃描式電子顯微鏡(SEM)得知當石墨的結 晶性、缺陷多寡以及粒徑尺寸都會影響到鋁離子電池的電化學表現。
The aluminum-ion battery (AIB) has been demonstrated recently based on the materials of Al foil anode, graphite cathode, and ionic liquid electrolyte, which show promising features, including low-cost electrode materials, low flammability, three-electron redox reaction, high-rate charging, and long cycle life. Here, we present the performance of aluminum-ion battery with graphite materials in multiple different microstructures. Six different kinds of micro-graphite materials are rendered—SP-1 natural flake graphite, GNPs(Graphene nanoplatelets), KS6, MCMB(Mesocarbon microbeads), Osaka graphite, and thermal-annealed sucrose. The six types of graphite materials were carefully examined under the X-ray diffraction, Scanning electron microscope, and Raman spectroscopy, and have revealed difference in graphite layers, individual sizes, crystallinity, and defect level, which dominate the electrochemical performance of the aluminum-ion battery.
Other Identifiers: G060342052S
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