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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Effect of Leader Mindfulness on Employee Engagement with the Moderating Effect of Leader-Follower Social Capital in Food and Beverage Industry in VietnamLu, Cheng-Chieh; 阮氏香; Nguyen Thi Huong
2019Impact of Psychological Contract Violation on Employee Well-being: The Case of Service Industry Employees in Taiwan盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 廖容渝; Liao, Jung-Yu
2018Investigating the Influence of Organizational Commitment, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Knowledge Sharing on Organizational Innovation in the Public Sector Employees in Papua New Guinea盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 伊帕瑞; Pari Iral
2020Job Demands and Emotional Exhaustion in Vietnam Service Industry: The Moderating Effect of Psychological Contract BreachLu, Cheng-Chieh; 范明日; Pham Minh Nhat
2020Leader-Member-Exchange and Employee Engagement: The Moderating Effect of Person-Organization Fit and Generational Differences盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 呂靜怡; Lu, Jing-Yi
2018The Effect of Locus of Control on Employee Silence in Political Parties in Taiwan盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 孫永信; Sun, Yong-Sin
2019The Effect of Perceived Social Impact on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Service Industry in Taiwan盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 吳旨玄; Wu, Chih-Hsuan
2019The Impact of Long-Term Orientation and Uncertainty Avoidance on Entrepreneurial Intention: The Moderating Role of Locus of Control盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 馬愛蓮; Edna Lillian Martinez Magana
2020The Influence of Organizational Justice on Job Performance with Mediating Effect of Organizational Identity in Public Sector of the Kingdom of EswatiniLu, Cheng-Chieh; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; Pamela N Simelane; Pamela N Simelane
2019The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Employer Branding: The Case of Tourism Employees in Taiwan盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 陳怡君; Chen, I-Chun
2020The Relationship between Managerial Support and Job Training Satisfaction with the Mediation Effect of Learning Motivation盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 劉易侑; Liu, Yi-Yu
2019The Relationships among Leader-Member Exchange, Employee Voice Behavior, Psychological Safety, and Gender: A Study in the Private Sector in El Salvador盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 狄曼姿; Barbara Marcela Mendez Diaz